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LED, Color Changes, Custom Lenses, whatever

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 #395595  by charliebues
In my pursuit of trying new things, a project that I have been wanted to try for a long time is the clear lens mod.

Would it be easier to get a junkyard assembly, cut/remove the original lens, and super glue a piece of acrylic to be done? Probably, but where's the fun in that?

Cruising the internet led me to a company called BJBEnterprises, who makes silicone and epoxy resins mixtures for mold making and custom fabrication. Their YouTube video on making an Auto Lens caught my eye specifically. The first (and easiest step) would be to do a test process with the side markers before tackling the tails.

The toughest part of this project I foresee is the size and shape of the lens; specifically, on the LHS/Concorde Limited, since the lens is long and curved. Making the silicon mold likely requires more material versus if I would cast a flatter lens like from the Intrepid and M. Not to mention, building a vacuum chamber for degassing the silicon and epoxy mixes right before pouring.

Either way, whether it turns out horribly or can be pulled off. Having a one-of-a-kind clear lens set for the LHS would be super cool to try to make.
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 #395596  by M-Pressive
I love the ambition!

Good luck with the project.
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 #395598  by LUNAT1C
This is the only way to do it now. There are lots of videos on YouTube showing how to make use these molds. I think your plan to start small is the way to go, to flesh out any issues with technique before going with the larger lenses that use more mold material. Make sure you use runners in locations that are easy to conceal.

One challenge will be doing it with one material injection point. Multiple points will run the risk of a large knit line. We always try to get away with one injection point on clear lenses that are one color.
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 #395623  by First Lady
Cool idea and way to think creativity!! Can’t wait to see how you do with it. Take lots of pictures and post here for us to follow along! Good luck!
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 #395626  by FIREM
Looking forward to see your experience with this project!
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 #395679  by Sneke_Eyez
Very cool idea, the video really gets you thinking about possibilities!
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 #395730  by charliebues
Last Thursday turned out to be a double yard run, part two of the day was likely the easiest and shortest run ever.

No tools necessary, I grabbed a couple of 2002 Concorde taillights to make a mold out of them. The next step is to remove them from the housing without breaking the lenses. I'll be looking forward to posting again to this thread with a degree of project success!

Btw, the dashboard from the Concorde was not cracked. If anyone needs the dashboard, the car is at LKQ in Edgewood, MD.
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 #395733  by M-Pressive
Gotta start with the lenses!

Good luck
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 #395755  by TrepKing95
Looking forward to seeing the results! Make sure whatever resin you use is rated for high levels of UV exposure without yellowing!