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 #351308  by sparky99
Seats will get cleaned up after mounts are made.
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 #351309  by sparky99
I'm also thinking of painting the hardtop tan to match those fancy slider upper doors....
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 #360969  by sparky99
wow, I haven't updated this in a long time...

anyways, I will be getting yet another Jeep Tub on Tuesday. the plan is to cut the back section and then weld it to mine hopefully capping off the front of the trailer body. The CJ corners I got a long time ago are just too rusty and weak to do what I want. and the deal was too good to pass up.

30 bucks delivered for whats on the trailer isn't too shabby.... lol
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 #388778  by sparky99
update on the Jeep..... I've been working hard on it the past few days.

Its been a long time and a lot of stuff has changed. First off, I'm scrapping the trailer idea. I just don't have time and don't know when I will. Its been a long time coming and I've just come to realize it.

also, the Jeep has sat for WAY too long. So, I've started to clean up the inside by finding a bunch of surface rust under the roll in bedliner I put in about 11 years ago. I've peeled it up, and the rust is mostly contained in the driver and passenger foot well/floor boards.
I think that I caught it in time though. The floors are still solid enough that we shouldn't have to Flinstone it any time soon.
I stripped out the bedliner to good metal all around the foot well. I bought some "Corseal" (its a rust converter) that converts the rust to good usable metal, I've put about 3 heavy coats in each floorboard and it is looking great. Now, the seats are trashed since they sat in the weather too much. So, I pulled them and went to the Junk yard and pulled some seats out of a Hyundai Tiburon to replace them. A little clean up work, and the seats look great.

I need to pick up some more Herculiner for the inside of the Jeep. I will redo the floor with it. Then, once the seats are done, I can move on to a replacement battery, and working on the drivetrain noise. then plates to make it legal again.
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 #388780  by Sneke_Eyez
Progress is progress! Glad to see you working on the Jeep as I know how much you love it!
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 #388822  by sparky99
I picked up the Herculiner! 1 quart anyways. I only need to put it down where I removed it cleaning up the floor boards. I believe 1 quart will do. If not, I can always get more.
Last Friday, I cut some needed aluminum at work to use for my seat mounts. These will be right at the front of the sliders. I think these will work nicely. I'll paint them black before install, I don't really need shiny aluminum...
Once the Herculiner gets put down, and I finish the seat install, I can move on to getting the battery either charged (IF... and that's a BIG IF) it can be charged, I'll put it back in the Jeep. If not, I'll have to get another one to install. Then It will be onto working on the drive train to see what was making noise. I hope I can narrow it down and get it fixed without costing too much.
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 #388870  by sparky99
Thursday evening, I pulled the severely dead battery out of the Jeep and took it to work with me on Friday. I cleaned it up and put it on our battery charger for 2 hours on the low setting (10amps) to charge. I did this 2 times letting the battery cool in between charging sessions. Then about an hour before I left, I threw 45 minutes of charging at it again to see if I could revive the battery. The battery was installed 4-29-17 and I had hopes to charge it and bring it back to life. It seems that it is doing ok so far.
Saturday, I picked up the needed supplies to change all the fluids in the Jeep. Yesterday, I changed the oil (regular old valvoline) with a Mobile1 M1-301 Large capacity oil filter. Tonight I changed the transmission fluid. It was pretty dirty and there was a decent amount of metal on the drain plug. I hope that's not a bad sign. Those transmissions are expensive (even used)! I put in some "BG Syncro Shift II" I've used it a long time ago and I really liked it. I also changed the transfer case fluid (pretty clean) and put in some left over ATF+4 (Calls for ATF+3 or ATF+4). Man, I really hate the smell of that stuff but it works!
Now, all I have left to do fluid wise is change the front differential fluid, and pull the rear differential apart, change the driver side axle bearing, axle seal and put in new fluid. I think I will be good to go, the coolant is good as I changed it not too long before it was parked. Oh, I will also do a brake fluid flush as the fluid looks like junk and it won't hurt anything.
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 #388871  by sparky99
I really have not had enough decent weather that I felt comfortable to put the Herculiner down. Maybe I can get it coated tomorrow if it doesn't rain but there are rain chances all week.... We will see. I really want to get the seat mounts finished up. The seats already look good in there. I know they will work great.
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 #388882  by sparky99
Tonight I drained the front differential to do a fluid change and I think I found what was my rotational knocking noise... The bottom of the housing was full of metal fines and there are a few small chunks out of the spider gears and side gears. I think its just worn out. I will begin looking for the needed parts to rebuild and/or a replacement housing. It may seem silly but it may be cheaper in the long run to throw another housing at it instead of just putting in gears... Labor on gears is expensive...
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 #388883  by LUNAT1C
Labor is why I haven't done more with my diffs than put on heavy duty covers. There is a lot that they do, sure, but a few hundred in parts turns into a couple thousand really fast. Been sticking with my open diff 3.73s until there is truly a need to get in there.
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 #388888  by sparky99
LUNAT1C wrote: August 19th, 2021, 9:05 am Labor is why I haven't done more with my diffs than put on heavy duty covers. There is a lot that they do, sure, but a few hundred in parts turns into a couple thousand really fast. Been sticking with my open diff 3.73s until there is truly a need to get in there.
I know some people who can do the gear setup. I'm not as worried as the normal person yet, I know its still going to be expensive.
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 #389100  by sparky99
still working slowly on this monstrosity... I have completed an Oil and Filter change, a transmission fluid change with BG manual transmission fluid (awesome stuff), and I took the front diff cover off to service that and found a bunch of metal fines... LOL... Not unexpected sadly!

I think I've decided to buy a Spartan in case locker to replace the bad spider gears I found.
Amazon has a pretty decent deal for this locker and I think it will be a fairly easy install.

Here's the link to the locker: ... 181&sr=8-3
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 #389102  by Sneke_Eyez
Nice, every project is more progress!