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 #173923  by FIREM
Went on a trip over the weekend, just north of Boston. While not a highway cruiser like the M it did ok. Not as comfortable as the M, 4 hours is enough time to get to know the car. 30 Mpg, 70 mph average it wes a good break in.......
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 #174235  by mnitetrain
Dissapointed when I read this thread LOL!! Wasn't expecting to see car pictures.

Wow, you were in the neighborhood...might have blown past LOL!!

Yeah I kind of like that Sebring. How much trunk do you lose? Still put a couple cases in there? Nevermind, fifths of Johnny Walker can slip anywhee.
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 #389668  by FIREM
So those of you that have had the pleasure of a Dash Swap or Evaporator replacement be glad you don't have a Sebring.
The A/C Evaporator has sprung a leak in the Sebring :roll:
While the typical dash removal has to happen,
there is a twist..... :twisted:
On the M the "Crash Bar" from side to side stays in place and the dash hangs from it.
The Sebring "Crash Bar" is an part of the dash and comes out with it. Tons of fun accessing these bolts. :roll:
Might have been easier to pull the doors off.
To add insult to injury the engine upper intake manifold/plenum must be removed for access to the heater hoses and A/C line connection. 2 hidden plenum bracket bolts that require 3 feet (36") of extensions and a swivel socket to remove from under the vehicle.
So after some 24 hours of labor Darlene finally has working A/C.....BUT......
After getting up to operating temperature the engine develops a misfire with flashing Check Engine Light :evil:
Oh Crap, what did I do wrong??????
Let it rest until the next morning and fired up OK. Road tested good so I figured it was just a glitch. Pulled into the garage to return the car to the customer and Poof, miss and CEL. :eek
Turned out #1 Injector fails to an open circuit when hot, ok when cool.
Off with the intake one more time, swap the injector and my 30 hour saga is over (for now) 8)
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 #389669  by LUNAT1C
The misfiring sounds like my Jeep. Last October it misfired and threw a code for cylinder #1 injector. It was in and out before failing completely as an open circuit. I thanked the deities it was an odd number cylinder, as the passenger bank on the Pentastar is mostly easily accessible on the Wrangler (aside from a bracket holding down the heater lines), and fixed it. Twice, because people aren't kidding when they say to replace injector o-rings when they've been disturbed (fuel rail popped off #3 and then was Niagara Falls after initial repair, replaced all o-rings on that rail after that). Well sure enough the Jeep was not satisfied with the level of labor needed and started misfiring last month on cyl #4. Tune-up with 6 plugs fixed, but driver's bank required plenum removal. Twice, because someone forgot to reinstall a foam block in the initial repair... :oops:

I hope I never need to do evap or heater core on it. Both are dash removal, and the entire engine harness runs through the firewall with no connection to undo... harness has to pull through firewall.
 #389673  by TrepKing95
I'd rather do another Sebring than another MP body Compass! There's no getting around pulling the doors to remove the cross-car beam; and that's after removing the dash pad to measure the location of the cross-car beam prior to removal because if not set in the right position, you'll have endless buzz/squeak/rattle complaints! I'd rather do 100 JK Wrangler dash pulls before another MP.
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 #389681  by hrmwrm
think most involved dash i did was on a toyota, i want to say highlander?
smelt like rotten meat in the vehicle, barely tolerable with the window down and the hvac off.
had to drain the coolant and evacuate the a/c and take it down to the firewall to get at the problem.
wherever he had it parked, mice brought dog food through the air opening as far as the evaporator.
so on his trip to bc in the summer, using the a/c which created condensation, wetting the dog food.
take out the console first, then parts of the dash, then you could remove the plastic facing.
some hidden ones that took a bit to figure out, but mostly straight forward.
too bad it wasn't a rust bucket you could have just sold for scrap.
evaporator had to be washed out in the fins carefully, and the case had to be washed in bleach to release the smell form it.
think it was about 12 hours to get it all done and hvac running again.
i'll never forget that stench.