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A place to talk about your non-LH current or former vehicles.

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 #390114  by sparky99
Here is Momma's new ride. They gave us 3k less than we paid for the CR-V, and the deal was good. I couldn't say no to stepping her up into a bigger and better vehicle. 280 hp 3.5L V6 with the 9 speed transmission. 35k miles. Warrantied up to 9 years or 120k miles (Bumper to bumper), It should be a great vehicle for her. I like the blacked out grille and the 20's (Factory). Its very nice.


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 #390118  by LUNAT1C
Very nice! And thanks again for supporting my company, headlights and tail lights are very familiar. :lol:
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 #390132  by sparky99
In-trepid wrote: January 28th, 2022, 8:19 pm Looks like a nice ride.
It really is. It has a very solid feel when driving. Its much more like a big SUV/Truck ride than a car which is what I appreciate.
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 #392787  by sparky99
Update: We have owned this for a year now. It goes to the dealer for oil changes, we have put about 12,000 ish miles on it and it drives like a dream. I'm not a fan of the "slow" transmission, but it drives great. We are due for tires, so they will be a first purchase item here soon. Otherwise, its been great. I will not complain about it one bit.
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 #393170  by sparky99

The car has been doing great. However, the tires were getting rough. They were severely worn and super shaky. I took it to our local Costco and had a new set of Bridgestone Alenza As Ultras. They are warranty up to 80k miles. As long as the tires are rotated and balanced regularly they will cover just about anything.

Anyways, I took it on a drive today and I just LOVE the feel of new tires! not much is better...

We have had great luck with Costco here in town, they make it easy to buy tires from them.

Here are some pics.



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 #393183  by LUNAT1C
Agreed, new tires are a wonderful feeling. My Jeep was sounding like mud bogger on the highway when the Duratracs were reaching EOL and I had a new set of KO2s put on before a road trip up north. The ride was quiet as a church mouse (for a brick in the wind) for that trip and made the drive so much better.

I may check out Costco next time I need tires, I've been using Discount Tire since moving to Michigan and losing access to the Champion Tire in Ringoes, NJ I used to go to all the time. Not sure if they'll take my business though since I won't bring the car to tire places, only the wheels.
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 #393210  by HFK
+1 on Costco for a lot of things.

Sometimes the tire selection is a bit limited but the prices are right.

If you need a battery they are the place to go. I needed one for my 300M when I bought it and all the auto stores and Walmart were $150 +. Costco has the right battery for $99 with 3 year free replacement. Remember when batteries used to be $50 or so? I remember when the fancy new gel ones came out and they were $100 which seemed like a lot for a battery, good times.

Quick sidenote too, prices at auto part store are crazy anymore. I needed a 912 bulb and Autozone wanted $10 for two incandescent bulbs, not even LED. As I walked out the counter guy asked why and I told him, he said, well, that is what they cost. The exact same brand of bulbs is only $3 at my local Lowes or even less online. I actually just grabbed one at the pick-n-pull when I was there.
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 #393267  by Sneke_Eyez
Love Costco, but I have never bought tires from them. I'll have to think about it the next time I need some!