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  • A place to talk about your non-LH current or former vehicles.
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A place to talk about your non-LH current or former vehicles.

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 #392068  by Sneke_Eyez
Good luck, Robert! Looking forward to seeing the car on those wheels!
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 #392069  by First Lady
Can’t wait to see pictures!!
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 #392209  by sparky99
Last week I installed my paddle shifter extensions and shift knob.
Pics to prove its done! lol...




Still waiting to get those tires mounted... UGH!!!! I am contacting a shop close to work and have hopes they can do them. Not a lot of tire shops like to stretch tires here...

If all else fails, I have a buddy that works at Honda that I could probably twist his arm a little with green stuff.....
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 #392210  by M-Pressive
Look for a mobile shop that will come to you.

They do touchless and I haven’t had one tell me they don’t want to make money. Crazy shops won’t do it.
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 #392214  by sparky99
I will look into it. Shops around here don't want the liability of having something different.
I will look and see if there are any mobile tire guys here.
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 #392265  by sparky99
Keith, there are absolutely zero mobile tire installers here in Fort Wayne.... LOL... I'll get the tires swapped by my guy at Honda. But they won't go on the car till spring as it has started snowing here...
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 #392266  by First Lady
Boooo…glad you have him, yay…and booooo!!!!!!!
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 #392270  by LUNAT1C
^ Concur. At least mount *one* on a front position for us!
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 #392376  by sparky99
So, my main detail guy was running a killer deal on his services for black friday/cyber monday. If you bought a service, it was 50% off.
I talked with him and he said he could lock me in at a price if I put money down. I put down some cash, we agreed on a paint correction of 1-2 stages if necessary then a 2-year ceramic coating for a stupidly low cost. He told me it's his slowest time of the year, so it is pulling in work that would be otherwise missed. Even at a discount, he is turning a pretty decent profit. I told him I need work done to the fender first, then I would have him work his magic on the car. I'm excited to see how it turns out.
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 #392788  by sparky99
I finally found someone to swap out the two bad tires!!! woohoo!!! I am not in a hurry, but I want to get that done soon. It's good to finally find someone who is not afraid of a little stretching... lol

Update on the car:
I am coming up on 2 years of ownership. It has been awesome driving something new(ish). I have put about 44,000 miles on it now, and I can say that I am as happy driving it today as I was the day I brought it home. This was a big leap for me, but it has more than paid off.

I am getting cabin fever and want to get warm weather here so I can work on the car.
I have a few things that I want to do but need warmer temps! UGH! Why do I live where the air hurts my face?!?!
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 #392791  by LUNAT1C
Cold weather in Indiana? Cute... my work laptop sometimes confuses itself and teleports to my corporate office in rural IL, and fakes me into believe the current temp is 40, and not 14... Indeed, why do we live where the air hurts our faces! Gaters sounds pretty good on days like these. :lol:
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 #392792  by First Lady
I know of a place where you'll have a built-in social network, the sun shines 230 days a year, there's no such thing as "winter projects", and no air ever hurts your face!!! Just saying!
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