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 #384547  by FIREM
Gourmet kitchen for Darlene, 3 car garage for Bob. Part of the retirement plan was/is a project car.
While an old school Mopar (aka Plumb Crazy 70 Challenger) would be the ultimate I have often said "the car will find me". While not a Chrysler it does start with a "C" and it found me for free. Rented a trailer and my buddy towed it from Greenville to Myrtle Beach.
1978 Chevy El Camino 305 V8, Auto trans basic Elco.
Project has been "sleeping" outside for 15 years.
Past owner took it apart, some upgrades such as high rise intake w/4bbl Holly, Headers, Dual Exhaust, Poly suspension and body bushings throughout and then it went to sleep. He towed it from NJ to SC, moved and towed it again, but never woke it up.
SO for the past few days I have been going thru it getting ready to wake it up. Fresh Fuel pump, clean out carb, freshen up starter, pulled the plugs, rotated engine, etc.
Maybe tomorrow, weather permitting, will push it outside for an attempt to start and more pics.
Body is straight, left lower quarter is rotted, floors and truck bed intact!
While it is disassembled every piece it there except the side view mirror!
With this on skates, all 3 cars fit in the garage !
Stay tuned for updates!
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 #384549  by First Lady
Congrats Bob!!!

We know where to find you for the foreseeable future - Bay 3!!

I know you will do awesome things and have a blast doing it!!
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 #384552  by Sneke_Eyez
Very cool, Bob! As you know, I love classic cars, so I can't wait to follow your progress!
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 #384554  by EasyRider300M
Congrats Bob on your nice addition to your garage. Once you get it all fixed up, you can drive in style when picking up garden supplies at home depot!
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 #384556  by LUNAT1C
Looks like a fun little project!
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 #384559  by Spades32
Very nice ride Bob. I also owned a 78' El Camino. Black with a brown gut, had a 454 big block stuffed in it. Fun car! Image

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 #384560  by dcsally97
Gotta love the Fisher body cars. I had dreams, mom said delusions, of getting her 1978 Malibu as my first car. I'm not a big Chevy fan, but always had a soft spot for the Fisher cars. Probably since the plant was about 30 minutes from me.
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 #384561  by FIREM
Thanks to for the positive comments.
Pushed it out today for a test run and some pics.
It was born 'Beige" at some point shot black with some purple accents.
Wonder what it will look like in Plumb Crazy???
 #384569  by 00R/T
Cool project, Bob! You sure can’t beat the price.

On an unrelated note, did you put in that sabal palm in the background or did it come with the house? My mom loves palm trees but could obviously never have one before, so I’m trying to buy her one for the new house.
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 #384570  by FIREM
First Attempt:

It's Alive !
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 #384571  by Spades32
Woo hoo! Nothing like the sound of of a V8 firing up ..... To my ears

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 #384573  by M-Pressive

Nice work Bob!
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 #384575  by LUNAT1C
There's a YouTuber I follow for comedic relief who finds cars that sat in the weeds in Minnesota for decades, gets them started, and sometimes drives them home. Vice Grip Garage. He over acts being an idiot and notes ahead of time to never do the things he does, and has some videos of more seriously working on the cars, but its amazing the resilience of these old engines being able to run smoothly after so long. He bought a 1970 Sedan DeVille that sat in a field for about 20+ years, and smelled like it inside, and he had to drive it home when his truck burst a brake line on site. It ran so smooth after just an afternoon of tinkering with it and jerry-rigging a fuel system.

Kind of gives me confidence that if we end up inheriting Kelly's 1970.5 Camaro SS, it'll end well. Assuming I can make space for it. :lol:
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 #384579  by monte4
Nice project for you. Price was definitely right :wink: Will be a sweet ride when you're finished. Also you'll never have any trouble selling it and getting your money back when it's finished (if you ever sell it).
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 #384584  by Sneke_Eyez
Woo! Congrats Bob! She sounds great!

I'm hopeful I will have my own version of getting a dormant car to run again pretty soon with my wagon and the Hemi.
 #384586  by StealthM
Bob I knew it wouldn't take you long to get her going... that car reminds me of my father. He had an early 80s one that he loved more then his 56 nomad. We picked it up Lenteni's auto salavage for a song and dance. He worked the motor and I did the bodywork and paint. A nice memory. Thanks brother... keep up the good work. Hey did Darline make you put that tarp down in the driveway or did you get bored and plant grass....haha
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 #384589  by First Lady
How are your new neighbors enjoying the introduction to your amazingly talented mechanic side?!

Nice work!!! Keep it up!!
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 #384590  by FIREM
Some check in daily for updates, some not so much LOL. The Harley’s in the neighborhood are louder than me!
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 #384626  by 00R/T
She lives!

I’ll be down there the first and possibly second week of August. Maybe I’ll have to drive by and see if I can catch you wrenching on the ol’ girl in the driveway.
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 #384627  by FIREM
Sounds like a plan ! Swing by.