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A Forum Highlighting the Best LH's around.

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 #389372  by Sneke_Eyez

Thanks to all who voted for the October Ride of the Month Contest!

After a closely fought race, Antonio Carbonera was determined to be the winner of this month's contest!
Antonio will be featured on the October 2022 page of the club calendar!

Name: Antonio Carbonera
Forum Name: 300MITloveR
Member Number: 495
Location: Pavia, Italy
Car Specifications: 1999 Bright Silver Metallic 300M

Let's all congratulate Antonio on winning the October Ride of the Month!

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 #389373  by EasyRider300M
congrats Antonio...great looking M...keep up the upkeep :D
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 #389375  by M-Pressive

That was a very close contest.
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 #389381  by LUNAT1C
Nice job! Each car was beautiful, so I hope to see some of the others in a future contest!
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 #389382  by First Lady
Congrats! Another beauty to be proud of!
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 #389392  by monte4
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 #389396  by 300GEM
Congratulations! 👍
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 #389425  by sparky99
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 #389439  by In-trepid
Congratulations on the selection. Great looking car!