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A Forum Highlighting the Best LH's around.

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 #389698  by M-Pressive

Thanks to all who voted for the November Ride of the Month Contest!

After a closely fought race, Ryan Severance was determined to be the winner of this month's contest!
Ryan will be featured on the November 2022 page of the club calendar!

Name: Ryan Severance
Forum Name: Sneke_Eyez
Member Number: 2282
Location: Norwood, MA
Car Specifications: 2002 Snakeskin Green Pearl Dodge Intrepid

Let's all congratulate Ryan on winning the November Ride of the Month!

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 #389700  by Sonicrob
Definitely was a close one! Congrats! Well deserved!
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 #389703  by Lilemperor
What a BEAUTIFUL intrepid ❤️ Very well deserved Congratulations Ryan!!! Before my slew of Mopar‘s I’ve owned ranging from neons, to caravans, and of course the 300m’s.. Throw a Caliber and 200 in there too.. The Intrepid was my first car and what started my love.. anywho, makes me smile inside and out to see such beautiful one 😍
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 #389705  by Sneke_Eyez
Many thanks to all and to all contestants! Talk about a great lineup of cars to compete against! It certainly was right down to the wire!
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 #389706  by First Lady
Congrats again Ryan!! You’ve built such a great car!! Excited to have it as next November’s calendar pic!
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 #389707  by BossSlate
Congratulations Ryan.Very beautiful car.Job well done.Respect to all the contestants for their incredible cars as well.
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 #389718  by monte4
Congrats Ryan!
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 #389762  by sparky99
Congratulations Ryan! The car is a real head turner and I really like it. Well deserved Sir.
 #389766  by StealthM
WoooooHooooo... congrats Ryan. One of the baddest Intrepids around.....