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A Forum Highlighting the Best LH's around.

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 #394622  by M-Pressive

For the month of December, we will celebrate long-time club member, Robert Day (FIREM) for his long standing commitment and passion for the car and club!

Robert will be featured on the December 2024 page of the club calendar!

Name: Robert Day
Forum Name: FIREM
Member Number: 437
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
Car Specifications: 2002 Inferno Red Pearlcoat 300M


Please join me in congratulating Robert on winning the December Ride of the Month!

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 #394624  by In-trepid
Congratulations Bob. Thanks for everything you do to keep the club alive and functioning in a professional manner. Also, you own one very nice 300m. Always one of the "must see" vehicles at club meets!
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 #394627  by FIREM
Thank You for the opportunity to be ROM for December ! and for the kind words.
Finally have gotten some good pictures of FIREM in the new beach environment.
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 #394628  by First Lady
Whoo!! Awesome way to round out our calendar. Congrats!!
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 #394630  by EasyRider300M
Congrats FireM...with one of the cleanest best kept Ms in the club. Next time it's up on a lift, I'd like to see the underside of your it as clean as the upper side?
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 #394707  by Sneke_Eyez
Congratulations, Bob Day! A beautiful car and a great owner always deserving of honor for your work for the Club!