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A Forum Highlighting the Best LH's around.

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 #395742  by LUNAT1C

In celebration of all LH platform models, and of new members with great passion for the vehicles, we're thrilled to announce the April, 2024 Ride of the Month winner, Ryan Young!

Ryan very recently joined the club, and brought with him his very much one-of-a-kind customized Concorde, kept in immaculate shape and featuring many of Ryan's own personal touches!

Name: Ryan Young
Forum Name: YNG-CSTM
Member Number: 2946
Location: Mississauga, ON
Car Specifications: 2002 Black Chrysler Concorde


Let's all congratulate Ryan on winning the April Ride of the Month! His beautiful Concorde will be featured on the April, 2025 page of our club calendar.

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 #395744  by Sonicrob
Definitely one of the best looking Concordes on the planet! Congrats!
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 #395746  by M-Pressive
Throwing a few more images in here to show off Ryan's work.
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 #395747  by M-Pressive
Congrats Ryan!

I am glad you decided to join the club. Your car will make a great addition to our printed calendar!
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 #395759  by First Lady
Congratulations Ryan and welcome!! Awesome ride, you’ve got a special vision with it!!
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 #395764  by First Lady
Your plaque will be in the mail tomorrow!
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 #395995  by Sneke_Eyez
Congratulations, Ryan! Beautiful car!
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 #396076  by In-trepid
Congratulations Ryan. That is a beautiful car!