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2018 Ride of the Year Contest - Please Vote Now!

Ed Keim - 2050
Remi Serriere - 2357
Ed Taylor - 2594
Andrew Currie - 2614
Jason Smith - 2579
No votes
Markus Erlmeier - 2315
Robert Knapp - 1737
Sarah Wesley - 2683
Robert Waikel - 2275
Clarence Anthony - 2563
Steve Lazzara - 2642
Winnie Holbech Stuwitz - 1418
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 #377170  by M-Pressive
 January 2nd, 2019, 7:06 pm

Congratulations to all of our Ride of the Month winners for 2018!

The time has come for us to choose the 2018 Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club Ride of the Year. The Ride of the Year contest will consist of all the Ride of the Month winners from 2018. This contest will run for the next 15 days, and will end at the same time it was started.

Please log on to the club forum to vote, as you can NOT vote with the Tapatalk app that the club utilizes.

The nominees for the Ride of the Year are encouraged to post here with additional information about their Ride. Please try to post early so everyone has an informed decision to make.

All other posts will be deleted.

Here are the monthly winners in the order selected throughout the year!

Name: Ed Keim
Member Number: 2050
Forum Name: Cypressdelight
City, State: Palm Bay, Florida
Car Specifications: 2000 Light Cypress Green Chrysler 300M


Name: Remi Serriere
Member Number: 2357
Forum Name: remi
City, State: Toulouse, France
Car Specifications: 2004 Bright Silver Metallic 300M Special


Name: Ed Taylor
Member Number: 2594
Forum Name: drmopar69
City, State: Cardington, OH
Car Specifications: 2003 Graphite Metallic 300M Special


Name: Andrew Currie
Forum Name: Intrepidation
Member Number: 2614
Location: Athol, MA
Car Specifications: 2000 Steel Blue Dodge Intrepid


Name: Jason Smith
Forum Name: Jason300m
Member Number: 2579
Location: Canton, OH
Car Specifications: 2002 Deep Sapphire Blue 300M Special


Name: Markus Erlmeier
Member Number: 2315
Forum Name: German300M
City, State: Altdorf, Germany
Car Specifications: 2002 Bright Silver Metallic 300M


Name: Robert Knapp
Member Number: 1737
Forum Name: LUNAT1C
City, State: Berkley, MI
Car Specifications: 2002 Deep Sapphire Blue Chrysler 300M Special


Name: Sarah Wesley
Member Number: 2683
Forum Name: Sarah319
City, State: Enola, PA
Car Specifications: 2000 Inferno Red Dodge Intrepid



Name: Robert Waikel
Forum Name: sparky99
Member Number: 2275
City, State: Fort Wayne, IN
Car Specifications:1999 Deep Hunter Green 300M


Name: Clarence Anthony
Forum Name: StealthM
Member Number: 2563
Location: Branchburg, NJ
Car Specifications: 2000 Deep Slate 300M


Name: Steve Lazzara
Forum Name: Stevelaz
Member Number: 2642
Location: Chicago, IL
Car Specifications: 2004 Bright Silver Metallic 300M


Name: Winnie Holbech Stuwitz
Member Number: 1418
Forum Name: Mysterical
City, State: Faborg, Denmark
Car Specifications: 2000 Deep Slate 300M


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 #377172  by Jason300M
 January 2nd, 2019, 7:18 pm
Thanks for voting me for the Ride Of the Month in May!

I drive a 2002 300M Special with 95,000 miles on the odometer. I had purchased this car in November of 2016 and have not looked back since. When I purchased this car I told myself that I wanted to try my hardest to keep it stock and not put any money into it that I didn’t have to. I shortly changed my mind and bought some modifications that I think appeal to the look of the 300M.

These modifications include,
-Window tint all the way around, 5% on all cabin windows and 50% tint on the windshield
-Custom interior lighting
-Smoked License plate covers
-Leather hood deflector
-Bentley inspired upper grill
-Custom sound system
-Cat Back Exhaust
-Custom interior badging
-245/40/18 Bridgestone Potenza RE970 Pole Position Tires
-Aftermarket color matched wing
-Clear/Smoked turn signal lenses
-Switchback LED turn signals
-Dual color ATC

My 300M is extremely clean inside and out, not a speck of rust on her and all of the interior panels and seats are all in immaculate condition. This M has very quickly became my favorite car I’ve ever owned, it’s very luxurious, quick and extremely fun to drive. This car has been the perfect daily driver and has been such an amazing car, I honestly have no complaints.

Once again thank you for the nomination, this club has been such an amazing help with my journey of modifying my M. Truly an amazing community.










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 #377173  by sparky99
 January 2nd, 2019, 7:22 pm
Hello all!

I've had my Chrysler 300m for about 5 1/2 years now. I bought it from a buddy of mine I work with, it was his daughter's daily driver for a few years before I got ahold of it. The car is an original 1999 Base model 300m. I originally bought the car and only planned to drive it for about a year before dropping it and getting something else. The car kind of stuck with me and I fell in love with it. I soon began building the car and have documented almost everything in my build thread. So, take a look at it here if you wish.
Once I started modifying the car, I didn't really have a direction I wanted to head. Originally I started doing light hearted mods. Then I went to my first club meet in Indianapolis. First person to greet me was Bob Day, he quickly came up and introduced himself, we talked about my car, and how long it had been since anyone had seen a green 300m at a meet! this was exciting. I wasn't excited to have a Green M. It wears the same paint as many different mini vans on the road. I thought he was crazy. But then the color stuck. I started becoming a fan of the green. Then I met Justin Hopkins. I absolutely loved seeing his all white Special he built. I knew right then what i wanted to do. I just had to build myself an all green Special.
Through the help of the club, I have found, and met some very special people, I consider many of you family. I appreciate all the ideas, help and love for my car. Many of you have helped me in many ways you don't know of, but I appreciate it none the less. Then there are those of you who have helped me with parts, and physically the build of my car.

Anyways, I will get on to the mod list.

Basic information:
1999 Chrysler 300m Base model
243K miles

Exterior Mods:
Special front bumper (all green)
Special rear bumper (all green)
Special side skirts
Special side mirrors (color matched) with Klearz "smoked clear" lenses
Ebay "bentley" upper grille (all black) with factory Chrysler Emblem
Lower grille pulled and painted to match upper grile
"smoked" clear bumper turn signal lenses with switchback LED bulbs (white/amber)
Special "HID" headlights with 6000k LED high beam headlight bulbs
Yellow fog light housings with 6000k HID bulbs
Tinted Jeweled tails with 6000k LED bulbs throughout
custom "99 SPECL" personalized license plate
LED license plate light bulbs
2nd gen Neon SXT deck lid spoiler
300m Special fender and trunk badges
Chrome window trim
chrysler "medallion" emblem on C-pillar (of chrome window trim)
aftermarket sunroof
window vent visors

Interior Mods:
Light Taupe Special seats (front and back)
Light taupe/Dark slate door panels
Light taupe painted molded cup holder
Light taupe leather arm rest pad
Light taupe padded knee bolster
Light taupe padded glove box
Special Gauge cluster
Winged Air bag cover (dark slate)
California Walnut dash trim
California Walnut door trim
California Walnut shifter bezel (modified with auto stick arrows)
California Walnut steering wheel
Chrome shift knob (for now)
Black A-pillars and visor pull outs
Black Otis cover
Custom fiber glassed head liner covered in light taupe fabric (to mimic factory look)
1st gen Metal mesh 6x9 speaker covers
1st gen lighted key ring
Mopar Motorized Cell phone Holder
UConnect (mirrors wired together for auto dim on driver door mirror)
Dual color ATC
polished aluminum ATC control knob
Winged clock bezel with green painted wings
green painted winged "movato" style clock
Chrome Window Switches

Engine Mods:
broken timing belt (ugh!!) Hope to tear into the replacement engine soon!
ASP under drive crank pulley
Special emblem on upper plenum
early Maxbore throttle body (71.5mm iirc)
K&N FIPK intake
custom strut tower brace (may redo this)

Audio Mods:
RB1 Navigation stereo
Single Disc DVD player with front aux input
UConnect Mirror
688AC trunk mounted amp
Infinity sail speakers
Kicker replacement front door speakers
Scosche Line out converter with external bass knob mounted inside center console
10" MB Quart sub
600 watt Kenwood excelon amp

Misc Mods:
Special front sway bar
special rear sway bar
new end links front and rear

Slotted front rotors, slotted/ cross drilled rotors on rear
performance friction semi metallic pads on front and rear
All new brake lines from master cylinder to calipers front and rear

Modified Special exhaust
(rear resonators cut off and replaced with 12" long cherry bombs and 4" stainless exhaust tips) Sounds amazing!

18" Special wheels (painted PS4)
245/45/18" Falken Otsu tires

President's Award-Carlisle 2015
Most Custom-Indy 2016
Ride of the Month- September 2016 (also Ride of the Year runner up)
Ride of the Month- September 2018

anyways, I think that's enough babble about the car. I may have missed a thing or two, but here are some pics. First pic is from right after cleaning up the car after purchasing it. There is one picture (you can't miss it) that Chrysler posted to their Facebook page. I was inducted into their "Chrysler WIngs Club." For me, this was a huge deal that my car would be shared on Chrysler's Facebook. If you follow Chrysler, you will see that they don't post pictures of the late 90's to early 2000's. To have my car shared was amazing. I took it as an opportunity for the masses to see my car but also a chance to put a plug in for our Club. The rest of the pictures are semi recent. Enjoy.

That was a small plug from Chrysler on Facebook, that was pretty cool!

Thanks to the club, this car wouldn’t be what it is without everyone here!

I have some future plans for the car, nothing too drastic at this time.

Install new engine
Install new transmission
20” wheels and tires (most likely LX wheels of some type)
And do some paint/body work. Again, nothing too crazy.

Thanks for voting, good luck to everyone else!!
 #377174  by Mysterical
 January 2nd, 2019, 7:23 pm
Hi guys,
Thank you so much for this chance and nomination. It is an honor to be selected to participate. :D

I am not as well informed as most of you, and can list up all the things with interior, and so, as I know most of you can - maybe that also comes with the fact I am not American and not sure of all the phrases :P

However, I can tell you all, that since I was 16 years old, and saw this model of car for the very first time, I have said to myself that this is THE car for me.

I bought my first M around 11 years ago back when I was with my Ex-husband. I had only had it for like 5 months, when the engine was done, despite it had ran under 100.000 miles. My heart bleed so much for this car, that I ended up paying a brand new engine and got it replaced. I simply could not depart from my M. Sadly history went the way of a devours years later, and even though he promised me I could keep my car - 3 months after he moved out, he suddenly out of the blue called and demanded I sold it. This was heartbreaking for me and I can still recall the feeling when the new owner left with it.

5 years went by, with me not owning anything worth mentioning car wise... Then 2½ year ago, my husband bought me the x-mes present of my life - another 300M - a 3,5 this time.
I am properly a strange girl, crazy about cars and especially this one - but in this club, I feel at home, seeing other share my great passion, for the beautiful cars. :D If I could be so lucky and honored to win this contest, it would without a doubt, be something I would never forget. It would be a huge, huge honor.

That was the words from me - and with no further comments, I present to you - my unicorn :)

I hope you will enjoy the pictures.








 #377175  by StealthM
 January 2nd, 2019, 7:26 pm
First off I would like to say that this is the best group of car guys and girls bar non. Me and Steph are still talking about Carlisle. And cant wait until OC. Anyhow here we go. I bought my M brand new in 2000. I went out to buy a Lincoln LS until I saw her. Since day one I was always attracted to her sleek muscular looks and was never disappointed. Over the years she became a second car and not much attention was paid to her just regular maintenance and cleanings. Other then that not much else. She was not intended to cart around five kids and a Cane Corso on camping trips. So she sat. About three years ago the tranny went, replaced that and a week later the engine gave up the ghost and the rod knock started. I was confused and heartbroken. Car was always well maintained with fluid changes and what not. Ninety eight thousand on the clock and a bad bearing, not good. Now for some soul searching. Do I let her go and get another car payment or replace the engine.No way shes not going out like that...So mated up to the remanufactured tranny went a new Jasper engine and while she was under the knife her whole suspension was replaced from bushings and bolts to the H&R springs and KYB struts to Special sway bars.Now that I was committed to her I've been going over system by system replacing and upgrading as I go. Belonging to this club has inspired me to keep her around for a long time. And now the mods...


Remanufactured/engineered Jasper engine.
Remanufactured transmission.
NGK spark plugs
Custom 3 inch exhaust. Including a Magnaflow Y pipe,Flowmaster muffler and tailpipes.


H&R lowering spring
KYB struts
Moog and OEM bushings inc. Lateral links (both now adjustable) trailing arms, swaybar links,control arms basically everything.
PowerStop drilled and slotted rotors with EBC carbon pads.
New stainless brakelines.
Chrome 20x9 SRT replica wheels
300M Special sway bars front/rear (powdercoated)
New rear spindles (powdercoated)
Falken ZIEX ZE950 255/35/20 tires.


Mostly stock
RB1 navigation
Special 150 mph speedo
Ambiant lighting
Upgraded stereo amp.
Custom embrordered 300M headrests


300M Special rear bumper cover and side cladding. (Painted PAW)
Special HID headlamp assemblies
Blacked out diamond grill w/ Chrysler logo
Custom front splitter/air dam
Carbon fiber (wrapped) hood and deck lid
5/50 window tinting includes windshield
Illuminated exterior door handles
Jeweled taillights (with the right harness. Thanks Bob)

I think that's it for now. I'm sure I forgot a few things but I have some more plans in her future. Again thank you all for the nomination.
URL= ... /rom8.html]Image[/URL]
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 #377176  by LUNAT1C
 January 2nd, 2019, 11:06 pm
Hey there fellow 300M and LH enthusiast's! Welcome to the hardest contest of the year! Every year this contest is overflowing with beautiful vehicles owned and loved by some very passionate folks, and every year it seems the cars get more beautiful and the owners get more passionate! Every year I don't know how I can pick one and this year making the decision even harder than the last!

The start of my 300M adventure depends on how far back you want to go. For the sake of not posting a novel, I'll skip to when I decided to get back into the LH game.

April 2009, I began the hunt to replace my otherwise faithful Grand Prix SE. I had the opportunity to purchase yet another salesman's car off-lease, which up to that point had been ALL of my cars originally, which would have likely ended up being a 2006 Grand Prix base model of one color or another. I decided that since college graduation was coming up, I needed to treat myself and get something better than a bare bones saleman's car. Up to then, for years, I'd been pining to get back into an LH car. I'd gone to the Chrysler Nationals with the group every July except for 2008 (went to the GM nationals instead with the GP group, couldn't afford two trips to Carlisle that year), so I can't say I ever left the community. I knew what I had to get... and you guessed it... a black Concorde Limited!

Wait, what? That wasn't your guess? Oh right, I didn't quite do that. See, the image I had in my head for the car I would get was a 2002-2004 black on black Concorde Limited riding on SRT Design wheels. I thought the aesthetic would be very good, and it would be unique as not many folks had Concordes then, nor do they now if we're being honest. I can count Concorde enthusiasts on one hand that I'm aware of. You know who you are, rock on!

What ended up happening is I made a thread on the old LH Forums asking what some of the common mods might be for a Concorde. What I heard was, "Special this, Special that, Special the other thing, Special ALL OF THE THINGS!" So I got to thinking... cut out the middle man, buy a Special. That led to demanding only a 2002 model in order to get the better transmission programming, and least amount of decontenting. That left one last choice to look for... the color. Black, Silver, or Deep Sapphire? One thing I deeply missed about my Intrepid was the color. I loved how the color shifted slightly depending on the light hitting it, looking blue during the day, black at night, purplish under a streetlight, so I specifically searched for a Deep Sapphire Blue 2002 Special. I also sought a black interior because I had no desire to maintain a light taupe interior. Searching and Autotrader, calling a number of private sellers and dealers, I eventually landed on two cars. A DSB 2002 with black interior, no sunroof, near Toms River, NJ, and a DSB 2002 with two-tone interior, sunroof, in Franconia, PA. I went to test drive the PA car first. This was the first LH vehicle for which I turned over the engine since I wrecked my ES, and sound of the exhaust at cold start on that sunny Saturday morning nearly took my breath away. The car was beautiful, had 62,224 miles on it, interior was immaculate, and drove like a dream. Not wanting to buy the very first car I looked at, we left to check out the Jersey car. Upon leaving, I saw the salesman park her up on the corner of the lot, slightly elevated, so as we left I got a nice profile view of the car. The word "Luna" popped into my head at that moment, and I started getting worried that my head just bought a car... we got all the way to the Jersey car, and found it to be a night and day difference in condition. Dirty inside and out, belts squealing, rougher ride, desperate for TLC, same mileage, higher asking price. No.

I bought the PA car. I named her Luna. Pulling onto the highway for the first time, I gave it as much throttle as I was used to giving my 3.1L 185HP Pontiac, and was thrown back in the seat from the 70 extra HP and nearly 100 extra torque in the 3.5L Chrysler V6. Totally different beast as it hit the curves so much better than the Pontiac it replaced.

I daily drove her from April 2009 technically until August 2011. Technically? Yes, because on December 6th, 2010, I discovered the possibility that I wasn't meant to own a DSB LH car for any significant period time after getting into a fight with the back of a Tiburon, and losing. The car was write-off as far Progressive Insurance was concerned. I was given a unique opportunity by my loving parents, as they offered to take the money from insurance, and add to it to help me get into a much newer 300C. My career had started at that point and it wasn't a bad thought to start a car loan and build my credit, and have something half the age of the M. The M was 9 years old, had 97,000 miles, and I was crazy enough to save it. My dad said I was a lunatic (in a good way) for saving a wrecked 9 year old car with almost 100k on it. Bob Day said I was lunatic, simply being an M enthusiast named Robert from New Jersey and could relate. I went to junk yards for used parts. I bought aftermarket parts from Advance. I ordered factory new parts from a local warehouse. I bought a refurbished Special fascia sight unseen from a recycler in Texas. After 3 months of repairs, and fighting the state to get the salvage title fixed and put her through intensive safety inspections, she passed with flying colors and was on the road again by March 2011. I tinted her windows, and put on her first LUNAT1C license plate. I then daily drove her until I got a higher paying job that summer and bought a 2007 Charger R/T Road & Track and retired her as a daily, turning her into a show car and weekend cruiser.

Since then I've given her new rockers, rebuilt the transaxle, replaced the engine and trans mounts, replaced the CV assemblies three (yes, three) times (FYI, don't waste your time with aftermarket, get refurbished factory units), and driven her an additional 36,000 miles across 10 states, on top of the 35,000 already added from purchase up until the wreck. 10 years, two timing belts, over 70,000 miles. Pennsylvania and Progressive insisted she was a piece of junk not worth saving and wouldn't be safe drive after the repair. She's gone on to win Best Interior, Best of Show, Ride of the Month, numerous show awards, 2nd and 3rd place in the 300M class, 1st place in the 300M Special class, Best Modern 300 at the annual CEMA charity car show at the old Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills at the 60th anniversary celebration of the legendary Chrysler 300 letter cars, and so much more. She's carved up mountain roads and ripped around autocross tracks. More than that, she's brought me into a family of car enthusiasts that I can't ever imagine not having, and she's my pretty blue middle finger to those who thought she was a lost cause.

I present to you, Luna.

2002 Chrysler 300M Special
Deep Sapphire Blue with Deep Slate/Light Taupe interior
Side air bags, sunroof options checked
Built 04/04/2002
Purchased originally August 2002
Purchased by me after local trade by first owner April 2002 at 62,224 miles
Now 133,500 miles, still an extreme pleasure to drive.

Factory PBW paint - Deep Sapphire Blue
Ground effects plastidipped with dark gray base, Hyper Silver pearlcoat
SRT Design 20x8 wheels
Mopar rear spoiler
Sarona roof spoiler
15% window tint sides and rear
Plenum and fuse center cover painted DSB with silver accents
Updated Winged Victory logo on trunklid

Two-tone Deep Slate/Light Taupe
Hard trim converted to Deep Slate
Door/dash trim wrapped in 3M Dinoc Carbon fiber vinyl
Wood wheel with 3M Dinoc Carbon fiber wrap
Chrome trim shifter with 3M Dinoc Carbon fiber wrap
Custom double-din center stack bezel, plastidipped Obsidian Black Pearl
Shifter bezel plastidipped Obsidian Black Pearl
12V outlet replaced with USB-A ports for dash-mounted Android Auto/Apple Car Play and fast-charging access for two devices
LHS winged clock bezel
A, B, C pillars, visor pull-outs done in Deep Slate
Custom rear bucket seat and console setup

Kenwood DDX 9903S with Android Auto/Apple Car Play
Infinity Kappa 6.75" component systems, front and rear
Infinity Kappa Perfect 10" subwoofers
Infinity Reference 600 wRMSx1 at 2 Ohm to subwoofers
Kenwood 400 wRMSx4 at 2 Ohm to cabin
Rockford Fosgate 3SIXTY.3 digital sound processor
Custom made amp racks and subwoofer box with mini Winged Victory emblem (from Chrysler 200 airbag cover)

Custom made, quad projector system - Morimoto FX-R Bi-Xenon and Morimoto M-LED Bi-LED
Custom made, projector HID foglights - Morimoto Matchbox Bi-Xenon
Profile Demon Eye RGB LEDs in each headlight projector
RGB LEDs in upper and lower grilles
LEDGlow Blue LED motorcycle pods throughout engine bay
LEDGlow Blue LED interior and trunk floor and cabinet lighting
Warm White map and door courtesy interior LEDs
6000K License plate strip lights
Profile Pixel LED bulbs in rear stop and turn signals
6000K front switchback turn signals
Designed and made by Remi 3rd brake light with sequential signal and BrakeSafe function
Designed and made by Remi 5000K Special mirror DRL boards with switchback sequential signal function

JoeKD J-Intake painted DSB with crescent moon image
Version 3 3/8" Plenum spacer
Cherrybomb Vortex mufflers in place of rear resonators, with 3.5" slashcut double wall tips slotted rotors with AdaptiveONE ceramic pads
245/40/20 Continental ExtremeContact summer tires

Can't reveal all secrets, but...
RGB wheel ring lights
Foglight RGB demon eye
New custom dual-intensity foglight LED setup
New plenum design
New interior CF wrap
And plenty more...

Beauty shots below. Thank you for reading all of this, and best of luck to everyone in this year's contest. It bears repeating, every single car and member in this contest is deserving, so no matter how the votes roll, everyone truly is a winner here.


Historical images:
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 #377177  by remi
 January 3rd, 2019, 4:49 am
Happy New Year everyone!
And let's the contest rocks ;)

The story of Specy started last year when Reed told me he found a French seller on selling his 2004 Special with a broken engine with only 53'856 miles on it. The seller wasn't expecting a French buyer so he didn't bother posting an ad on French websites... He was wrong! Specy is, to my knowledge, the only Special in France! Wouhou! There are some Specials in Europe tho, all were imported at some point because they weren't sold by Chrysler here.
Anyway, by a foggy morning on December 16th 2016 Specy was delivered to my place:

Flashback to December 2016, an 8 months journey began...
Long story short, the 4th connecting rod broke in two pieces and pierced a huge hole in the passenger side of the bloc, right where an oil return passage is. Oil splashed on the catalytic converted and took fire, causing even more damages. Hopefully I was able to source a <100k miles engine and rebuilt it.

Specy made her first run in July 2017. She now has 58'500 on the clock and the two oil analysis reports looked great, 611 miles after the rebuild (send was done at 4'000 miles). She should be on the road for a while now.

Some of you may know me for my love for mods, and lightning mods in particular ;) Some mods on Specy however were mandatory for her to pass our French safety and compliance inspections (every 2 years). When she was imported in France from Florida, the French dealership made a terrible job with the lightning rewiring and the previous owner basically removed everything they made because well... It wasn't working! Rear fog lights, white parking lights... Sounds easy right? Well it's not! Two rear bulb sockets were modified so that the primary filaments could be used as fog lights while keeping the secondary for parking lights. The light control "box" was modified with a Dremel basically... This mod would deserve its own thread!
I also added a diode so all three bulbs can serve as brake lights as well when rear fog lights are off. Of course Specy also has the 96 leds third brake light mod ;)

White bumper lenses and modified switchback LED bulbs took care of the last legal lightning issue ;) I think the low lightning condition makes the lights look even better.

My favorite mod (for now) is the DRL and sequential turn signals in the mirrors...


Interior wise, mods include:
- Infinity mesh front speaker grilles
- Cold white LED interior lights (DIY reading lights)
- Lighted key ring (with cold white LED :))
- Dual color CRUISE SET
- Chrome windows switches
- Chrome shifter knob
- LCD display for engine oil pressure, engine oil temperature, transaxle temperatures (input/output) kinda hidden in the shifter bezel, display mode can be changed from one to another using a capacitive (touchless) sensor under the bezel.
The driver seat will have to be repaired at some point!

For some reasons I can't upload pictures to Fotki anymore...
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 #377183  by Sarah319
 January 3rd, 2019, 2:28 pm
Hey everyone!

I never expected to be included in the ride of the month let alone ride of the year so thank you for that!

A little backstory- This car has been a pretty big part of my life. I chose it based on the fact that I thought it would be a good family car and reliable enough to drive our three young sons around in. It has definitely done that and more. I can't pretend that I am responsible for all the current mods as those were done by my husband (Ken/KxWarrior) with a tiny bit of help from me :P The mods we have planned for this Spring however are ideas I have had to make this car my own since we got Kens car. I have gotten A LOT of inspiration from you all in this group and can't wait to make my ideas a reality.

2000 Dodge Intrepid ES
Exterior Color- PEL Inferno Red Pearlcoat
Interior Color- Sandstone/Tan (Not for long :mrgreen: )

Exterior Mods
1st Gen Charger RT color matched spoiler
Black plastidipped accent pieces
Debadged (aside from Ram Logo covering lock
Custom painted taillights
PHP style drilled/slotted rotors

Interior Mods
Chrysler Concorde cluster face
1st gen LH illuminated key ring
LEDs in all available areas.
Pioneer single DIN head unit
Rockford Fosgate 6x9 Front/Rear speakers

Future Mods
Finish my Dark Slate interior swap
Rear deck speaker grilles
Painted Plenum
Re-do Rear Taillights

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 #377185  by Stevelaz
 January 3rd, 2019, 8:01 pm
Hello Everyone,

I am thrilled and honored to have been selected as one of the nominees, and to have won, the November’s Ride of the Month contest! I am equally thrilled to be included in the ride of the year contest and be included with these awesome cars! I always knew that the 300ms’ were great cars and never understood why they stopped making them. If they would have went another few years I would have probably gotten another!

I never imagined that there would be such an awesome forum with a group of enthusiasts who are just as crazy about their 300M as much as I am. This forum has helped me immensely in figuring out problems and giving great directions and advice on certain repairs. You guys are the best!

In 2004 my wife was due for a new car. She liked the 300m and the Grand Prix at the time, and only wanted silver! Since her birthday was coming up in a few months in June, and I knew I was having a surprise party for her, I decided to get her a new car for her b-day present! I told her I wanted to wait till the end of the year to try to get a better deal, and she kind of forgot about it.

I started my search in April and test drove both cars. No comparison! I immediately decided on the 300m, thank Since she really was not interested in a sun roof or any other extras’ I started my search for a base silver 300m. The dealer I was dealing with had our car in silver but it was a premium with a sunroof , chrome wheels, ect, and was quite a bit more money, so I declined and asked him to find me a silver base model. After a few weeks of being frustrated that he could not find one, he asked me if I’d consider the premium he had if gave me a good deal.
Well, he did not give me a good deal, he gave me a GREAT deal and I jumped on that, asking him why he didn’t give me that deal from the… I kept the car in my mom’s garage for a little more than a month..

The day of her surprise party we arrived home from a Disney trip. She walked in our house with her luggage to a big “surprise” ! She was totally shocked! Later as she sat in the yard opening her gifts, I sneaked out, got the car, parked it in front , put a big red bow on it and had lights shining on it.

When she finished her gifts and was thanking everyone, I said “wait where’s my gift, oh here it is” I then handed her a wrapped jewelry box and everyone was uwing wondering what I got her, thinking it was a nice piece of jewelry. NO ONE knew about the car other than my good friend who helped me get it home and to the house. Not even my kids or family knew about it!

She opened the box to the key and kept saying what is this what is this? My friend yelled at her to take it out and she did showing it to everyone. She then ran out to the front to find the car! All this is on video too! Needless to say I was king! ( but only for a week or so) lol…

She drove the300m as her daily driver until 2015. At that time it was time for my son to have a car for his last few years of college at Illinois State University. We decided it was time for my wife to get a new car and let our son use the 300m for school. At that time it only had about 85,000 on it. It was very well maintained over the years and I had no concerns with him having it, I just told him to take care of it, and that I would want it back eventually when he bought his own car.

In September of 2017 I received the 300m back after my son started his new job and purchased his own car (2015 Ford Mustang GT, Anniversary Edition). I must admit I am pretty proud of him and very happy that he took care of the 300m and that it was returned in just as good of shape as when it was given to him. It had about 104,500 mile on it then. I decided to keep the M as my second car!

The most recent repairs/replacements I have done are, vapor canister, fuel tank neck, tank straps, water pump timing belt job and timing cover seals along with pulleys and belts, oil pressure sensor, spark plugs, and power steering lines.

My 300m is pretty much completely stock with no modifications other than a recently added sight shield added to the engine compartment that really adds to the look of the engine. The body, never having the need of repairs, is completely original with original paint .

Like I said before, we have always maintained the M, never neglecting repairs when needed such as front end parts, brakes, tune up ect. Oil was always changed between 3000 and 4000 miles, washed weekly or as needed, and waxed annually! I have also kept detailed records of repairs and maintenance since it was new!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to learn about my 300m!

Again, I am really thrilled to have been selected in this month contest and be included with these awesome cars! Best of luck to all the participants!

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 #377186  by Cypressdelight
 January 3rd, 2019, 8:03 pm
ImageHosted on FotkiIn my wildest dreams I never expected to be honored by the Club and asked to compete for the Jaunary 2018 "Ride of the Month". Over the years I seen so many beautiful cars represented in this competition, some I consider museum quality level, that I thought my beautiful plain Jane 2000 300M would never be able to compete. Now she is and I thank you.
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I bought my 300M with 5 miles on the odometer in October 1999. I researched everything about the 300M before going to the Chrysler dealer and wanted to share my joy with my wife so I brought her along to see the shiny Inferno Red 300M I had selected. Unfortunately, after the test drive she told the dealer and me she loved the car but hated the color. So we walked the lot looking for just the right color 300M and finding none pleasing to her we walked back to my old New Yorker junk bucket to go home. Suddenly, she noticed this beautiful Cypress Green 300M coming into the lot on a delivery truck. The rest is history; my wife drove her new car off the lot that very day.
ImageHosted on Fotki
The car was equipped with all the Base 300M standard equipment in Lt Cypress Green and a Light Taupe interior and the following items:

Walnut Cockpit Wood Trim
Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
Power Sunroof
Auto Dim Interior Mirror
AM/FM Disc Radio w/Changer Control
9 Infinity Speakers
Full Power Driver & Passenger Seats w/Heater
17" Aluminum Chrome Clad Wheels
Full Size Spare Tire
ImageHosted on Fotki
My Cypressdelight has truly been a delight to drive all these years and now has 90K miles on her and a few mods (preapproved by the real owner) added:

Complete exterior OEM repaint and clear coat
Rear spoiler added
All speakers replaced with Kicker brand
Spyder headlights added
New clear/amber front directional lights
Chrysler emblem added to trunk lid
ImageHosted on Fotki
ImageHosted on Fotki

Thanks again for asking me to compete and I wish all my fellow competitors the best of luck with their rides.
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 #377187  by German300M
 January 3rd, 2019, 8:06 pm
Thank you very much for including me in June Ride of the Month contest! It is a great honor to participate in the contest. Though I'm German I drive Chrysler cars since more than 20 years. My first one was an Eagle Vision, purchased back in 1995. I got my 300m new back in June 2004. It is a 2003 Chrysler 300M model in bright silver with the dark slate interior. Instead of getting some discount I let my dealer install a Webasto block heater that can be activated both by remote and a timer, a Nokia car phone (installed in center armrest) and a Bosch Back-up sensor system that is using acoustic and LED based warnings.

For about 5 years I was not really aware of what my car is missing. However, one day I ran into this great forum, and the work began. If I knew upfront how much time, efforts and money I had to invest I probably would never have started.

It began with a few minor things such as illuminating the headlight switch (including modifying the switch to enable auto on feature) and the ashtray (besides the missing ashtray bulb I installed EL lighting on top and an illuminated ring for the lighter). During installation I recognized that the +/- arrows of the gear shifter were not illuminated, so I added another EL stripe there. After having installed an illuminated keyring and an LED stripe in the glove box I was satisfied with illumination in the dashboard area.

Next step was to get a chrome shifter knob and chrome window and door lock switches. To make the illumination work on those switches I had to run additional wires. When working on the back door panels I recognized that the courtesy lamps in the doors were missing. To add those wires had to be run again. Thinking about this it came to my idea that having illuminated door handles would be nice, too. I added in each of the outer door handles LEDs that light up when courtesy lights go on and fade out when courtesy lights go off. And finally, I put green LEDs to illuminate rear air vents (can be switched off with a switch located in the center armrest) and illuminated the trunk by using two 16-LED stripes. When working in the trunk I also installed the flashlight trunk mod.

After this I wanted to get rid of the boring black mirrors. I could purchase a pair of 300m Special signaling mirrors (painted in PS2) from a forum member and got me clear lenses. This made the car look much better, i.e. because I installed rearview signaling turn signals (amber, running arrows) under the mirror glasses. But the Euro egg-styled fender signals looked ugly. Therefore I got me a pair of 300m Special fender badges, invested several hours in dremel-ing and painting them (black background, chrome 300, red m - same logo as embroidered on headrests) and installed the badges as fender signals. A pair of front bumper clear lenses made all turning signals looks finally right. Brake safe 3rd break light with 36 LEDs and Knight Rider mode (thanks to Remi) and a pair of yellow fog lights finished the lighting mods. Well, almost, because when I installed an EVIC with instant mileage, 5 TPMS, and homelink (it’s working with my German garage opener), I also installed green LEDs both in seat memory switches and the moon roof switch.

Here are the videos:

Brakesafe mod

Knighrider mod

Running signals under mirror glasses

Mirror DRL and running signals

But every time I thought, that I’m done with mods and re-contenting I ran into another thread here informing me what Chrysler deleted due to their cut-down costs policy or that someone came up with a nice mod: I changed front headrests to tiltable ones (with 300m logos embroidered on front and backside), changed my 4-way passenger seat to an 8-way, exchanged seat switches to those with icons and exchanged front and rear door handle and window switches bezels to get the icons back. And I’m sure that I didn't get everything back what was available in a 2001 model.

When my rear resonator died I decided to replace it by for a Fox 4 tubes stainless steel exhaust with chrome tips. The sound was a bit better, but no change performance wise. This is why I installed the V3 intake spacer with a bored TB (71mm) and a KN air filter. Now I could really feel an increase in performance, especially at low rpm and above 4000 rpm.

As far as audio is concerned I first changed the existing amplifier by a 688 AC amp – what a difference. Then I added an Infinity basslink what made it necessary to do the ‘BIG THREE’ upgrade and I installed a 6 disc DVD changer with aux, video and mp3 capability. And of course I installed metal mesh back speaker covers (painted in dark slate) and added Infinity badges on all speaker grills. Unluckily, the basslink died a few months ago. I installed a Boss1400 subwoofer, but this stopped working already after 2 weeks. Currently I’m not sure what sort of subwoofer I should install now – suggestions are very welcome.

Add on: Though contest is already running I finished latest mod and added a video showing the mirror DRL and running signals.
















List of re-contented features and modifications:

  • 18" RH trims with 300m wheel center caps - 245/40 R18Y Goodyear efficiency grip - summmer tires
  • 17" Original Chrysler aluminum sparkle Silver trims - 225/55 R17Y Michelin Pilot3 - winter tires
  • Powerstop Extreme Performance Drilled and Slotted rotors withn Brembo pads
  • V3 intake spacer with bored TB (71mm) and KN air filter
  • Webasto block heater (radio controlled and timer)
  • Front chrome mesh grille with red SRT Hellcat logo
  • 300m Special signaling mirrors with clear lenses
  • Front bumper clear lenses turning signals
  • Modified Daytime Running lights
  • Mirror DRL and running signals
  • Rearview signaling turn signals (amber, running arrows) under mirror glasses
  • Front fender 300m turning signals (black background, chrome 300, red m - same logo as embroidered on headrests)
  • Illuminated outer door handles
  • Brake safe 3rd break light with 36 LEDs and Knight Rider mode
  • Jeweled rear lights, rear fog lights (standard for Export cars)
  • Back-up sensor system (acoustic and LEDs)
  • Rear mirror with Back-up camera
  • Nokia car phone (installed in center armrest)
  • 688 AC amp
  • Boss1400 subwoofer
  • "BIG THREE" upgrade
  • 6 disc DVD changer with aux, video and mps3 capability
  • Metal mesh back speaker covers (dark slate), Infinity badges on all speaker grilles
  • Chrome shifter
  • Chrome door switches, illuminated
  • Chrome window switches, illuminated
  • Illuminated keyring
  • Illuminated ashtray lighter
  • Additional ashtray EL illumination (from top)
  • EL illuminated manual +/- gear shifter arrows
  • Illuminated rear air vents
  • Illuminated headlight switch with automatic lights
  • Illuminated seat memory witch
  • Illuminated moon roof switch
  • EVIC with instant mileage, 5 TPMS, and homelink (works with my German garage opener)
  • Tiltable headrests with 300m logos embroidered on front and backside
  • 8-way passenger side seat (was 4-way), all switches (seats, doors and windows) with icons
  • Front carpets with embroidered 300m logos
  • Flashlight trunk mod
  • Trunk illuminated by 2 x 16 LEDs
  • Glovebox illuminated by 12 LEDs
  • Vehicle Theft Security activated and US remotes (VTS is disabled and Panic function not available for Export cars)
Unfortunately, the spare part situation over here is a desaster since Fiat took over. Except for some regular parts I have to order almost everything in the US (thanks god for Rockauto - reliable prices and very fast shipping :-)) And since we don't have junk yards here equipped with 300m's I'm very thankful to all the members who supplied me with required parts, knowledge and support! Without you my beauty wouldn't look like she does.
 #377194  by drmopar69
 January 4th, 2019, 7:54 am
Thank you for nominating me for Ride of The Month..
I bought my 2003 Graphite Metallic 300M Special in 2016 for $1000 from a private owner.
ImageHosted on Fotki

she was filthy but luckily my youngest son loves to detail cars.
"Mods that have been done are a stock spoiler LED interior and license plate lights. window tint and visors an RB1 navigation radio with Uconnect in the future.
a chrome shifter knob and Sirius Satellite radio. also did a dash carpet cover to prevent the infamous dash crack from getting larger.

ImageHosted on Fotki

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ImageHosted on Fotki

thanks so much again for my nomination for ROTM and may the best car win
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 #377198  by Intrepidation
 January 4th, 2019, 10:10 am
Thanks for voting me April's Ride of the Month!

I bought my 2000 Dodge Intrepid way back on November 22, 2006. She was only six years old at the time. I remember test driving several cars that day, but this was the one that called out to me.

Originally a 2.7 SE model, she's undergone quite a few changes over the years. The biggest one being the conversion from a 2.7 to 3.5 after coolant was found in the crankcase and the cost of the 3.5 wasn't much more than the parts needed for the 2.7...which I still have in the corner of my garage. On the outside the only visual changes are the 18" Mille Miglia Unos which replaced the stock steelies, removing the the peeling door badges and replacing them with smaller, contemporary Dodge badges.

On the inside is where the biggest changes have occurred. Originally Agate over (whatever they call their) gray cloth interior, the only things that haven't been replaced, added, or modded in some way are the visors and roof handles. The list includes:
  • OTIS
    Auto Dimming Mirror
    Door Lights
    Concorde Cluster
    Chrome shift knob
    300M seats, arm rest, carpet, and (front) floor mats
    Polk Audio Speakers
    AUX jack for the OEM stereo
    Second AUX power port
    Wrapping the upper dash pad in 3M vinyl wrap
    Chrome switches
    Chrome ringed HVAC knobs made by Wendell
    Chrome ringed radio knob from a Chevy Sonic
    Painted the parcel shelf, and added speaker grills which I painted black and trimmed in chrome
    `98 dash bezel with those little cubbies
And the most all-encompassing mod, replacing the gray panels with taupe ones, and painting the upper halves of the panels Satin Black.

This is a mod years in the making, that only last year did I finally find remaining two door panels I needed to make it happen.

My plans for 2019 are mostly body work related paint refurbishing. Gotta love that clear coat. I've been working with what I have (which for 19 year old paint's not too shabby), and fixing clear coat issues as I go, but I want to hopefully do more comprehensive work. That and somehow add Bluetooth to the factory audio.

Not too many people can say they still own their first car, but I can (12 years now, I've had her for more than half her life!). I love it, will never part with it, and will do everything I can to keep it going. My goal with all my mods is to make the car look more contemporary (especially on the inside) but still look like it rolled off the assembly line that way. I love this car as much, if not more now than the day I took her home.

On top of all that, I've met lots of great people and made friends through the community and our shared passion for these cars.