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Discussions on suspension & steering repairs or upgrades.

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 #376703  by fede_300
 November 28th, 2018, 11:57 am
Hello here I am again, as I said in my presentation I have a 300M Special and wanted to know if you can replace the shock absorbers with the base model or just accept those of the special edition?
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 #376715  by Mottman
 November 29th, 2018, 2:10 am

Welcome to the club.
These cars use McPherson struts up front
and Chapman struts in the rear.
Standard ( BASE ) suspension parts WILL all
physically fit / bolt on.


the aftermarket dosent offer any actual
" Special " struts or springs for these cars.
And Chrysler discontinued all of them a few years ago.

Alot of members here have been on the hunt for OEM
SPECIAL struts and springs for a few years now, and turning up

Your only choices are
( 1 )
Aftermarket struts
( KYB EX-CELL-Gs seem to be the closest match ride / dampening wise )
re-use your original springs ( IF still in good condition )
re-use or replace the OEM front & rear upper mounts & bearings
( Use OEM ONLY ! )
re-use the OEM bump-stops ( if in good condition )
SPECIAL SUSPENSION requires SPECIAL bump-stops !
add aftermarket RUBBER or silicone spring isolators
from Monroe or Polly bushings.
I think OEMs provide a better ride, but they don't last
very long ( they literally disintegrate in 5 - 6 years or less ).

This is pretty much the closest you can get to
the original 300M SPECIAL suspension
performance, ride height & handling wise.

Every last one of them seems to have some kind of
issue or problem.
( KYB rear quick struts are known to make all kinds of
annoying noise over bumps,
and that gets worse in colder weather )
Monroe, Gabriel Moog and all other aftermarket front quick struts
are known to have upper mount and bearing issues
( they don't last like OEM, fail in a few months )
All quick struts seem to raise the car's ride height about
1 1/2" too high, making the cars feel UN-stable and top-heavy.
and requiring camber-bolts and camber-links to achieve correct
( even after they supposedly " settle down " after 100 miles or so )

The other option is
( 2 ) Have a performance suspension company CUSTOM MAKE high
quality adjustable struts / coil-overs and dial the setup in how you like
the car to ride & handle.
This option is VERY EXPENSIVE as no-one makes a performance coil-over
setup for these cars. It would be alot of money and trial & error testing
/ adjustments to get it right !

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on this issue.
BOTH of my 300Ms have the PHG suspension setup
and those are discontinued too.
So Im kinda in the same boat as you.
 #376718  by fede_300
 November 29th, 2018, 11:19 am
Thank you Mottman for your advice I tell you that added to that Chrysler does not provide spare parts in my country is much more difficult to get something since 300M Special the only one that is mine (not marketed here) and in South America there is no reason why I was able to find out. I came from Georgia in a particular way in the year 2008. I also love it and I bought it without caring about the consequences :lol: :lol: :lol:
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 #376727  by In-trepid
 November 29th, 2018, 3:49 pm
Nice job Brian. You pretty much laid it out from top to bottom with best case options.
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 #376742  by Mottman
 November 30th, 2018, 12:55 pm

Dont lose hope. they are really nice cars when ship-shape
And SPECIALS are getting rare ( desirable to many members here )
Rock Auto ( and members of this club can become you'r best friends
( parts resources )
At this point, some of the senior members on this site are more
knowledgeable about these cars than CHRYSLER

In trepid,

All we gotta do now is come up with a viable ( reasonable cost )
solution to the not available parts issues for these cars.

Right now DARKFIRE is kinda annoying me.

I get in and go to work with the rear end " SQUACKING "
like an army of ducks over every little pebble in the road
and some kinda thudding noise coming from the left


I really am contemplating ripping the suspensions apart
and cherry-picking pieces to re-do it right before the
snow really flies.

But instead I have started the rebuild on the power-unit from
Probably should not rebuild this engine. Yeah, it had the typical
leaky O-rings, original timing setup, and stripped oil-pan drain plug.
but it ran too nice ( started right up, idled smooth, good power, no codes
19 in/Hg vac. ) And now looking at the inside, it is too clean to have 127K miles.

Oh well, its down to the short-block now ! Peace of mind / re-learning experience,

( Yeah Brian, just keep tellin yourself that, maybe even you will start believing it ! )
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 #376751  by In-trepid
 November 30th, 2018, 4:37 pm
I think that your advice on struts is dead on. KYB struts only, everything else OEM.

I just bought another Special a couple of months ago. It's in great(well, let's say pretty good) shape except that it had the struts replaced with Monroe quick struts within the past year. The sway bar end links were replaced also. The thing rides and steers nice, but clunks something fierce, front and back. Since the snow has already got it's grip on us here in the Midwest, this will most probably be a spring project. I'm on the hunt for a complete set of old original Special struts that I can harvest springs and possibly mounts from. If I have to, I'll buy new mounts. I have a couple sets of end links, some lower control arms, some tension struts and bushings, and some sway bar bushings. Originally they were for one of the other cars, but will probably find their way on this car. Hopefully that fixes the problem.