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 #261985  by M-Pressive
Hey everyone! Its time for the 14th Annual Endless Summer Cruisin - OCT 7-10 - Ocean City, MD.

Only a few months till this year's Ocean City meet happens. I want to get the word out early and turn this into a larger meet. We had 6 cars in the show last year and we all had a blast. I will be planning the awards, itinerary and other aspects over the next month with Alan and Lindsey so stay tuned for more details. This is a family friendly event and I hope to see some more members take advantage of the opportunity to be on the beach for a weekend with friends.

The actual dates are October 6th-9th. You do not have to go for all of them; I usually get there on Thursday at some point. We will do a better job of making sure all who want to participate in the parade on Friday are able to.

All cars are welcome into the show so get those M's clean and ready for some cruisin. This is one of the biggest shows on the east coast, lots of fun things to do like go-karts, tons of great seafood, Thrasher french fries and some of the best custard you well ever taste. Here is the link to the official page.

I registered while I was at the show last year so I am ready to go. The inlet show fills up fast so I would suggest getting your registration in early.
Please send any questions or suggestions to Alan or myself and we will respond back. We plan on doing go-karts and mini-golf again over the course of the weekend. We will also be putting our cars in the boardwalk parade.

Hotel info and sign up page to follow this one. Post questions here!
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 #261993  by alandw
Got the "Post-Carlisle" Blues????
Then get excited about Ocean City !!!
2 years ago, 80's all weekend - last year, high 70's. Awesome weather, boardwalk, shopping, go-carts, mini-golf, FOOD... and best of all - your friends from the 300M Club.

When you do your on-line registration, be sure to enter your club affiliation as: 300M Enthusiasts Club.

Seth (FutureM) and I are now registered!
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 #262041  by DaleFicken
Well now.. this is a mile from here I am staying..
Guess I am not too close!
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 #262046  by LUNAT1C
Drop in the bucket, Dale! Lol intereesting that there is a sign for it in CA.
 #262048  by dmondeac
You guys are killing with the dates or is it work? I have to be in Louisville the entire week for a trade show.
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 #262098  by mnitetrain
I have been having severe withdrawal symptoms, sure hope we can get a fix to last the winter LOL!!
Going to try like heck!!
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 #262100  by alandw
mnitetrain wrote:I have been having severe withdrawal symptoms, sure hope we can get a fix to last the winter LOL!!
Going to try like heck!!
I hear there are some fries and custard with your name on it...
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 #262102  by mnitetrain
Michele is a health food nut-mainly veggie but she does pig out on the Thrashers Fries LOL!!

Even better is hotel is almost 1/2 of Quality Inn!!
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 #262111  by LUNAT1C
Do it Hank...

Just do it!!!

I'll be requesting vacation in a month. Just started my new job (flying out for training tomorrow!) and don't want to be *that guy* who asks for vacation before even discussing benefits or getting my Blackberry, lol!
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 #263346  by M-Pressive
Come on guys and gals!

The registration window is going to close around the end of August. Robert tried to get in last year and they were full.

Itinerary is in the works, you will not be disappointed.

Awards are also in the works.

Good food, good friends and great weather. What else could you ask for!

Take the plunge and attend this meet. You will be hooked!
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 #263457  by LUNAT1C
I just put in for 10/7 vacation, and stated I need to be in MD 10/8 and 10/9... I noticed in my calender today I've been blocked off for three weeks straight in September for a trip to a plant site. T_T

When is Carlisle next year? I feel likeI should block it off now, before they take it away from me, lol!
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 #265024  by alandw

Last year, Endless Summer Cruisin featured more than 2,000 Rods, Customs, Classics and Trick Trucks cruisin the streets of Ocean City MD. We were fortunate to have great cruisin weather all 4 days - 70-80*. Thursday thru Saturday, there is Boardwalk Cruise which begins at 27th street and continues right into the inlet parking. Everyone hangs out there hotel windows cheering for their favorite rides.

And every night - serious cruising up and down the main OC drag! The awards were handed out during ceremonies held each day at 4:30. The big Grand Finale Awards Ceremony took place on Sunday where all of the sponsor awards and door prizes were given away.

To join us at Endless Summer Cruisin 2010 make sure to register today. The event is limited and has sold out in the past.
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 #265130  by M-Pressive
Activities and awards are starting to come together for this meet.

Please consider coming down and joining. It only takes one meet to make some really great friends.

The hotel cutoff date is fast approaching and the show fills up by the beginning of September.

Sign up today!!!!!
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 #265191  by swalker
Wish it wasn't so far!!!!
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 #265210  by FIREM
Come on Stan, it's closer than Carlisle....Thrashers Fries are better than Carlisle Fries :lol:
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 #265768  by M-Pressive
Anyone else? The hotel rooms are going to get released soon, it would be great to have some new members come down for the weekend. I drive 9 hours to get there and it is well worth it.

This is a family friendly event with go-carts, mini golf and great meals.