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 #389733  by HSOY80
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 #389741  by EasyRider300M
You might pull the code for the issue with warning lights being on. Put key in ignition, turn to position just before start (don't start the enginte) and then back to off this a total of 3 times quickly. The error code will show in the odometer area.
If you can correct the issue causing the warning lights, you might have an easier time selling the car.
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 #389742  by Countachqv
it appears to be a anti lock brake issue from the dash. I agree pull the front brake rotors do a cleaning of the parts / replace the bad sensors and check the light goes off. Should be straight forward having the car
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 #389744  by EasyRider300M
I have read that sometimes a fault such as a lean condition which can set the engine warning light can then set off the traction/brake warning lights. Addressing the fault that caused the red engine warning light may well cause the brake warning lights to turn off. First thing to do is pull the code to see what the main engine problem is.
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 #389787  by FIREM
For the codes listed:
P0441 : Could be as simple as a gas cap but more likely to be the NVLD Vapor Canister needs replacement. Located on the right side of the gas tank. (Tank needs to come down to replace)

P0128 : Likely the thermostat is not sealing internally causing slower than expected warm up of engine.

How about a pic of the " one small crack in the dashboard", drivers door handle is not a big deal but the dash crack could be a deal breaker at your asking price.
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 #389835  by StealthM
Give that crack some time. You got the crack creep... Only fix is to replace it. Happy hunting... After a few years a club member was able to find one for StealthM. getting harder to find then hens teeth....(Bob).....