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  • anyone has a spare sunroof motor?

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 #395463  by Countachqv
I need a new sun roof motor for my special.
mine seems to have gone crazy out of nowhere, like opening on close or lifting up on full open. weird stuff
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 #395464  by LUNAT1C
The switches are known to occasionally cause issues.
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 #395473  by First Lady
Yes! Start with replacing the switch. I believe they are year specific so be sure you’re getting the correct range needed. Keep us posted!
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 #395477  by In-trepid
Back by the motor area is a sensor device (sunroof control module) with a little slotted wheel that breaks a beam of light in the sensor (or may be magnetic, I really don't remember) that counts where everything is located at any given time. I have found that the little wheel gets hard to turn over time and tends to miss pulses causing all kinds of weird things to happen.

As others mentioned, I would first try the switch. If it is not that, it's almost certainly the sunroof control module. Before getting a new one, I would take the old one out as a little bench time to free up the little wheel will usually work.
 #395479  by Countachqv
thks for the reply. Did order a motor but seems I may have to go thru a few other things. This happened sudendly and all switches do the wrong things. For now that sun roof will stay closed.