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 #395110  by Alex Funkhouser
Checking here first to see if anyone has the two-piece plastic wiper cowl vent they'd like to sell.

I know this is likely a junkyard part, but for me that's a minimum of four and a half hours out of my day.

(Had my car on a battery tender outside and the hood was not latched into the secondary catch. The wind ended up ripping the hood all the way back into the windshield. Surprisingly, there's only minor damage except for the wiper cowl which has been a obliterated by the hinges. Lesson learned)

Anywho, TIA
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 #395294  by Sneke_Eyez
Alex, I believe I have a pretty good condition one from my parts car. Let me check next time I'm at my garage and I'll get back to you.
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 #395297  by In-trepid
I have a set as well and there is a 2004 in the yard close to me that has good ones as well if Ryan doesn't have something for you.
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 #395576  by Alex Funkhouser
Hey thanks guys! Ken was able to get me one a few days ago. I Tried to take my post down but there's no option for that apparently?

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