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 #121340  by Carfan77
We are planning a meet at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May, 2007. We are currently in discussions with the folks at Indy to work out details.

Stay tuned, and plan on being there! Tell us your preference at this poll here:

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 #121448  by FIREM
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 #121449  by grayslater
I'm looking forward to this meet as well! I had such a good time with those from the KC meet that the idea of seeing many of them again and some new members gives me something to look forward in 2007!

Will have to plan my mods!

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 #121460  by beespecial
All Right!!!!!! Welcome to Indy in the month of May. If there's something I can do to help make this happen, let me know.

For those of you who have never been to THE cathedral for speed, prepare to be amazed. :shock:

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 #121463  by kumiyer
I might make it to this one...
My brother moved to Louisville (from India) - so if I make this long drive, I could visit him, my good old IL and also be a part of the club meet :headbang

PS: India and Indiana sounds similar, hehehehehe

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 #121467  by velobard
This sounds great! I can't make any promises yet, but I'll definitely try to be there. I do have to wonder what it's going to take to get a deal on a hotel in Indy during May.

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 #121477  by grayslater
I thought we were all staying with John & Barb!!!! LOL :)

 #121482  by Shadowvox6
Hey, count me in!!
If I can help out (living in Cincy) lemme know!!!

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 #121484  by Carfan77
Dave, we are working on early in the month around opening weekend, rather than the week of the 500. Inspiration for this is coming from Mike Brawley (BigMike60) who was there this year with his Corvette. Rooms were not terribly expensive then.

Indy has already agreed to special tours if we have more than 20 participants. The museum at the Speedway is worth the visit almost on its own, and if we couple that with activities the Speedway allows, plus our great cars, awesome people and some good times...MERCY!!

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 #121503  by Timbo
Outstanding. :headbang

Count me in.

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 #121519  by beespecial
grayslater wrote:I thought we were all staying with John & Barb!!!! LOL :)
OMG! :shock: Two dozen 300M's lining my little cul-de-sac. What a beautiful sight that would be. Of course all my neighbors will be saying: WTF???

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 #121520  by Timbo
how about we shoot for a total of 33. That way we can line up in 11 rows of 3 down the front stretch. That would be an awesome picture for the calender.

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 #121551  by kcordes3
Oh Yeah, I feel the need for speed. Have been going to Indy every year since i was 12 yrs old! Usually for Pole Day, which for many years used to be as busy as race day. John should be able to testify to this. The museum IS awesome, but takes at least a few hours to absorb. I would love to do a lap or two around the Brickyard. Have done it once, but it was in a bus :jerkoff

 #121553  by Shadowvox6
Can I do a hot lap in my M at around 140??
I will give rides!!!


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 #121555  by kcordes3
That would be really cool, only my 300M will not do 140, well maybe downhill. I did see 2 sets of twin turbo's on eBay for 300.00. Maybe that will help? BTW, if anyone is looking for factory mudguards, these may work for you, I just bought 2 sets of them. ... idZ2QQtZkm

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 #121556  by kcordes3
bought 2 sets due to wife's car being a 03 Concorde Limited!

 #122396  by geezer300M
Shirley & I will definitely be there.

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 #123055  by JackSchneiberg1158
Count me in. This would be my first time at a club function. Indy is only 7 hours from me. I've been there a few times and would really like to go back.
 #124201  by White Lightning
I'm going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come. Oh, been there, done that. Heck yeah! Count me in. Hopefully this winter will be kind to me and my White Lightning. See you all there! Then I can go to Memphis in May and do some Bar B Que!

 #124209  by Almond300mMD
I will go as long as I can follow Don or Kumiyer, lol :huddle
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