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  •  Poll: How do you clean your engine area

  • Yes some people clean their engine, some don't. You know who you are. :)
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Yes some people clean their engine, some don't. You know who you are. :)

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 #57618  by EasyRider300M
I think I'm seeing double---oh--it's just the reflection in that nicely waxed car.. :sucksuck Just stare at them-----"you are getting sleepy--very sleepy..."Yes, they are very hypnotic.
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 #57619  by EasyRider300M
I think I saw her in another ad:...........................................Got Milk?...........................................
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 #57621  by EasyRider300M
Robert--see if she'll accept an honory membership to the club. She could be the club mascot. Would be great to have her at the club meets showing members the proper waxing technique: wax on--wax off. Now back to our regularly scheduled topic: "How to clean your engine."
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 #57627  by mnitetrain
2001 M 146,000 milesLast Sunday decided to clean engine. Used household enviormentally safe cleaner "Sun and Earth". Sprayed on cold engine, let it sit 3-4 minutes gently rinsed with garden hose. Did a great job. Started car and let it warm up about 15 minutes. Everything appeared to be pristine.Monday out the blue my shifter cables started getting a really funky feel. Did not get to the point of needing two hands to shift but really had to work shifter to get into gear, park, reverese. Order cable and dealer installed. Shifts absolutely with one finger now.I don't know if engine wash had anything to do with this or if it was coming. BIG difference between new cable and feel just before I thought shifts were getting funky. I guess I'm wondering if cleaner might have slid down side of engine and got into shift levers/forks or cable???? Or like I said was it just time?? Actually if I knew a new cable would shift like this I would have done it soomer.
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 #57628  by Humanx
Hank - don't you feel better after a shower? :bounce ~Humanx 0]
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 #57629  by EasyRider300M
How much did they hit you up for the shifter cable w/instlall?
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 #57630  by mnitetrain
$200 with Moibl 1 oil change.
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 #57631  by Binky977
Thanks Mike - very nice of you to say! :bounceSometimes I think I'm just a guy with (CENSORED)
 #57632  by bigben300m
Binky I do not know you but that is almost too good to be true. I suppose you are really cool. On another note, what should I cover when I clean my engine folks? Suggestions, previous experience are welcome. :itchy
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 #57633  by Humanx
Benjamin,Check the topic just below this one. Different subject: Are you going to make it to the Southeast Meet? Thanks. ~Humanx 0]
 #132506  by StPete300M
EasyRider300M wrote:by the way...Binky----What's a butter face?

Everything looks good....butter (but her) face

Kinda like.... "That chick has summer teeth".... some are here, some are there.