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 #152887  by 300mster
I have had it with Chrysler 5* or any star for that matter service. They plainly SUCK.

First dealer, Blackwell Chrysler Danville VA. Problem... slow, extended start backfire through plenum. Suggested they run a pressure check to see if the injectors were leaking down. They lie, eat nabs and drink sodas while they are on the clock supposedly working on you car. You tell them you have new plugs, what do they do , check to see if you're lying. I asked the dimwit why he was checking the plugs. His response, "I don't know" When you make a suggestion, such as "run a fuel pressure check", the first thing they do is hook you car to a computer and never once have they had a code show, but they don't mind charging for something you didn't ask for. Two trips to the same dealer, eight hours waiting around for them to find nothing. I get pissed and tell them to give me the keys and upon stopping to get some nabs for myself, the #@$!% car won't start. But they couldn't find nothing wrong!!

Second dealer, Morgan Dodge, Durham, NC
Same problem, slow extended start, backfiring through plenum. Told them of first ordeal, and said for them not to waste my time if they couldn't diagnose the problem. Assured me they wouldn't. Diagnoses, fuel pump needed replacing 600.00 plus dollars. I asked if they thought the fuel pump could cause the backfire. Didn't know. I also had them check the belts because I had heard some belt slap on the drive over, they said I needed belts. New belts same problem. Needless to say I didn't have them fix anything. Glad I didn't.

Come to find out from a local good ole' boy mechanic that the injectors were leaking down, three of them and that the idler pulleys needed replacing. I called the two Chrysler dealers for reimbursement, I know.... LOL LOL on the ground upside down whatever!!! They declined!! THEY SUCK and that's putting it mildly!!

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 #152888  by EasyRider300M
sorry about your ordeal.

how much did the injector repair run?

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 #152891  by grayslater
Grrrr....sorry man.

How many miles on your M?