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  • I thought this was unsafe

  • Yes some people clean their engine, some don't. You know who you are. :)
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Yes some people clean their engine, some don't. You know who you are. :)

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 #154421  by neuroticdave
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Spraying with water with the engine running AND nothing covered? I thought this wasnt the smartest idea?

I want to clean the M's engine bay once the timing belt job is out of the way, but Im not sure if I should follow this guys route.

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 #154426  by Bill Putney
My primary concern would be the alternator. Spinning electrical items with brushes and slip rings do not like water when they are running.

Also, in our cars, there are two long-term trapped-water sensitive areas: The brake booster push rod (area between the booster and the master cylinder - that rod is prone to severely rusting - not visible, but safety critical), and the shifter cable (the replacement cables appear to have been redesigned to no allow water to get in, rust them, and jam them up, so this is more a concern with the original cables - I can't help but wonder if people who never wash their engines don't have the trouble that others have had with the original cables).

One has to set their priorities - i.e., tradeoff between keeping it looking nice and the risk of potential problems - not all them immediate. I've been driving and maintaining my own cars for over 40 years - I'm just saying. Like my grandmother used to say "You pays your money and you takes your chances".

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 #154431  by JoeKD
Actually the way he does it is correct, you want to spray the motor and avoid a direct stream on anything

Your motor is designed to get some water on it (rain), by keeping the motor running you can hear if it sputters or misses indicating you need to stop the water immediatly

Also by keeping it running moving pieces like the alt and belts will throw the water off instead of lettign it sit and pudle

 #154432  by Shadowvox6
I take my car to the car wash, and hit it with the spray...
Quick motions...sweeping motions.
Although, you can use direct spray to get trouble areas.
As long as you have the engine running, there are no issues.
I have been doing it this way for 20+ years without incident.

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 #154441  by swalker
I wash mine all the time, then blow it off with my leaf blower. Looks showroom fresh. Thats how I beat Bob. :D

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 #154448  by FIREM
Dave, guess you did'nt see the pressure washer in the garage......
Bet your engine bay is cleaner after the belt job..........
Stan, keep rubbing.........

 #154460  by neuroticdave
Hahaha, I love how Stan just finds ways to rub it in that he out cleaned Bob. Its so humerous! :P