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 #57811  by Red Baron
Guys and Gals,I removed my Bosch platinum +4 plugs today for 3 reasons.1. I did not use anti seize when I first put them in.2. Concern about possible heat range/knock retard issues3. Concern over broken electrodes.Here is what I found out.About the anti seize. Use it PERIOD! I was worried about aluminum head thread failure and went through some tense moments getting four of the six plugs out. The other two were actually loose.Turning wrenches for 25 years gives one a feel for when threads are getting ready to fail and I got that nervous feeling on four of the plugs I removed. All six ended up coming out alright but you can bet that the ones going in got anti seize on the threads.On the heat range concern I really have no way of telling and the same concern may apply to the new Bosch Platinum +2s I put in. Regarding the possibility of a broken electrode. I intentionally bought the +2s because someone wrote about how much larger and stronger those electrodes were. He lied. They are precisely the same electrodes just two fewer.Pics hereOff to the track tomorrow up at Cecil County to enjoy a 30 MPH tailwind!
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 #57812  by EasyRider300M
I will be installing new spark plugs very soon into my 2000 regular M. I am playing it safe and using the plugs that are oem in the 2003 Special---NKG platinum single electrode.
 #57813  by sdmike300m
easy - have you done any mods to your car yet? I see you frequently discuss how you're "about to" do something and you ask good questions, but I don't remember any "I did it" posts.Don - I guess since you race we'll get an idea real quick of the +4s added any boost. Let's see what your quarter mile times do.
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 #57814  by EasyRider300M
I've only installed the RB1 Nav unit. It's been too cold to do the tuneup or HIDs but I have all the parts ready to go.
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 #57816  by EasyRider300M
considering the Joekd intake and then maybe the exhaust. I need an air filter anyway, so it's a good time to get the new intake.
 #57817  by geezer300M
Don, I, too, am an EX-wrencher and have had my +4's in my trunk for about a year. Rob & I were going to do them as a class at Woodward Dream Cruise last August but, you know what happened to that deal.Anyhow, after reading all the posts, I'm now more leary of attempting it. My luck has always been, it's the last torx that strips.I'm at 80k and car is running fine but, sooner or later it'll happen.Retirement coming soon and this could be a geezer project with a red joekd intake setup. Just gotta DO it. OR-----Maybe do it as a class at the Chicago Intrepid Meet in April????Hint,Hint.
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 #57818  by Red Baron
I would be happy to install your +4s for you in Chicago.
 #57819  by geezer300M
Thanks Don, I was kind of kidding but, we'll see how it goes in Chi.Bought a tube of Permatex Anti-Seize today.The idea for Woodward was to demo the installation as a service to members attending the cruise. There wer 3 of us. Not worth the hassle. Damn power outage.
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 #57820  by Humanx
Don,How are the +2's performing? ~Humanx 0]
 #57821  by Great 300M
I have the +2s and they are fine. In reality, I can't believe that in our cars you'd notice a difference between +2 and +4 - the coil pack is all of 6" from the plug, so it's not like there's any loss there :)
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 #57822  by EasyRider300M
I used the NGK oem plugs that came on later year Ms. I didnt want to risk any heatrange or electrode issues. If properly installed and if the coil packs are ok, I can't see how they could misfire. In my mind, the plus 4s are just a gimmick. It likes 4 edge gillette razor blades---one blade would work fine and actually may work better as it would clog less than the 4 blade. It's like supersizing your McDonalds order--you may think you're getting a better deal, but you aren't doing your health any good.
 #57823  by 99300mricva
I think the idea is to get a more even burn around the plug rather than just from one side.
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 #57824  by EasyRider300M
I believe that the spark would come from the center to only one electrode at a time. The only benefit I see is that if one or two electrodes gets contaminated with carbon etc, one of the remaining ones still may fire. If there were problems with using a single electrode, I think the car companies would have stopped using them by now.
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 #57825  by Humanx
Does anybody know what that white grease-like substance is on the bottom of the coil pack rubber seals? Is it a high temp lithium grease? ~Humanx 0]
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 #57827  by Humanx
Rob,It's on the bottom of the rubber seal (on the coil pack) that sits on top of the channel for the spark plug. I know the plug/coil have di-electric grease, but this is more of a solid white grease - looks like it is there to act as a sealant. I gotta go to the 5* tomorrow - maybe they will know what it is. ~Humanx 0]

 #125100  by kevin300m
nice run man!!!
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 #180843  by 300MCruiser
EasyRider300M wrote: If there were problems with using a single electrode, I think the car companies would have stopped using them by now.

We all know of the wisdom of the car companies! :shock: :shock:

.......and we all know that if we found out burning gasoline would ruin our environment and destroy the Earth, the car companies would have stopped making cars by now!!!