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 #233433  by blackmatel
i wanna know where can i found throttle body in 300m 99 !!

cuz i have broblim i talk about in oil and i change the oil and the broblim still

my friend told me 60% from throttle body so plz tell me where can i found if you have pics well be btter :mrgreen:

love you guys
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 #233458  by 300maximilien
It is located in the center of the upper plenum on the back side under the wiper cowl

be sure to use a cleaner that is safe for sensors
 #233495  by blackmatel
i sing in but he still telling me cant see it !!
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 #233519  by 300maximilien
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 #233577  by Bill Putney
I think we're talking about the difference between registering (I forget what that's called - visitor or quest?) and being a paid member. It takes baing a paid member to access it.
 #233718  by blackmatel
thank you all

i clean it :D and its better then befor and the Gas pedal i feel it now its so sweet :)

god save you all :)

see ya