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  • Yes some people clean their engine, some don't. You know who you are. :)
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Yes some people clean their engine, some don't. You know who you are. :)

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 #241005  by ZedEx
Here is the situation. My Concorde engine bay look horrible at the moment. There dirt, greases, grimes and....baked-on clear coat. The clear coat is actually on the engine cover (please, correct me if I'm wrong on the term). My dad decided to detail the engine bay with my uncle when he first got the car home from the dealership, and after done cleaning my uncle used some sort of spray on clear coat enamel. Fast forward 6 years later, the engine bay is covered in a yellowish flaking film. I tried to clean them with some degreaser, soap and water with an added bonus of a lot of hand scrubbing. All in vain as the baked clear coat are stuck in the tiny textures of the engine cover. If you guys can give some tips or advice on how to clean up the baked clear coat, it would be much appreciated. I'll try to get some pics up as soon as possible. Thanks in advance to all that reply.
 #241018  by JTROANOKE
Not being sure about Concordes, I am guessing what you are calling the "Engine Cover" is the upper intake plenum. Unfortunately, it is plastic, and any solvent strong enough to dissolve the clearcoat will probably dissolve the plastic. The clearcoat is an old used car dealer trick - makes the engine shine like new, as well as any other plastic or rubber it comes in contact with. Used car dealers used to spray it on the hoses and belts to make them look new. You are experiencing the downside that the used car dealer does not. By the time it fails, the car is long gone from his lot. If it is flaking you may be able to remove the plenum and scrub most of it off with a stiff bristle brush and some strong soap, but don't count on a like new finish. If you can get most of the flaking stuff off, you may be able to paint it black again. There are many on this forum who have painted their plenum in various colors, you might search and use what they used, either in black or color. You must remove all that is flaking however. You might also put a buying ad in the BST forum if you are a paying member that you are looking for a plenum. Someone here might have one laying around if you have a 3.5. Also try on LH forums as there are more intrepid/concorde owners there if you don't have a 3.5.
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 #241019  by Bill Putney
Jerry has an LXi, which has the 3.2 - same engine as the 3.5 except for bore and cam profile (same plenum).
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 #241066  by 300maximilien
try some WD-40....worth a shot IMO
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 #241269  by JoeKD
Wish I had seen this earlier, I had an extra plenum from a 3.2 which I just got done custom painting

Since I sanded the entire surface to prep for paint work if I had seen it earlier I would of swapped with you just for the cost of you paying shipping both ways then sanded yours down for the custom work