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  • Yes some people clean their engine, some don't. You know who you are. :)
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Yes some people clean their engine, some don't. You know who you are. :)

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 #245922  by isrb710
FIREM wrote:One caution, degreasers, even eco friendly do have an effect on wire seals, loom, tape etc. Excessive use over long times may affect these things. Dressings should also be used with caution, some may have flammable contents.

What do you mean by "loom" and "dressings"?

Thanks, Ron
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 #245923  by FIREM
Real "Steam Cleaning" high temperatures, high pressures, used with caution may be ok. High temp melts grease but could do some damage.
Loom: Plastic coverings on some harnesses, usually terminated with tape to secure. Harsh chemicals will harden the plastic to the point it will just break up and flake off.
Dressings: Like tire dressings, Stoners More Shine less time used by some to dress up engine bay, if sprayed on a hot surface could catch fire!!
 #260529  by Millenium300M
tarheel wrote:What do you think about steam cleaning?
My old shop had a Karcher Diesel Steam Cleaner. Just melted crud, but you had to be carefull.. Hood liners sometimes 'disolved' & the force of the steam/water stream can force water into typical factory 'sealed' electrical connectors. For the 'average joe', with no compressor/air source to blow dry the works, you may wind up with a temporary problem until it dries out.
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 #260649  by GoofySenior
Steam Cleaning.....not for me! I watched a guy steam clean the paint right off his car once :roll: