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Do we need to change that Long Life Coolant anyway?

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 #275544  by rodimus12
Is it possible that a coolant flush has forced some sediment into my thermostat causing it to stick every once in a while for a few minutes and then dropping back down to normal temps. Just did the water pump, timing belt and radiator (hole).
 #275575  by Craig300
Just started one day......temp gauge fluctuating just above and below the mid mark. Didn't think much of it, but next day thermostat stuck on the way home, idiot light came on and the needle was just into the red. Turned the heater on high and got it down to about 5/8 and next day had the thermostat replaced. Was original with 170,000 kms.
 #278334  by rodimus12
Just to follow up, no one seems to know what it means to have your thermostat stick so I had to tune out all the other nonsense like my fan or my NEW radiator and demand they just change the thermostat......low and behold thats what the issue was!!! Being a member here has saved me one more headache!!
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 #278352  by 300maximilien
Yep...that's why many of us give so much to keep things going. The wealth of knowledge and friendships are priceless and worth every bit of the membership fee
 #278465  by rodimus12
Not to mention the code p0420....."hey guy you need a new catalytic converter".......or tighten your gas cap!!! That was another bullet dodged!!