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Maybe we should have called this the Zaino forum

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 #287623  by YardleyBill
For those of you that were at Carlisle, you know I had magic done to my headlights. There was a guy walking around, and he did a great job cleaning up my headlights.

Anyway ... if you are in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC areas, he will come to your location and do your headlights. He was charging $35 at the show ... I think he charges $50 for the mobile service.

Here is his contact info:

I Can See Headlight Restoration
309 E Tantallon Drive
Fort Washington, Maryland 20744
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 #287625  by 300maximilien
After watching him do yours I bought the stuff he used and did Tyler's and they turned out very nice.
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 #287638  by 300maximilien
no....I checked out the different items he used and bought them.

3M sells a hand kit with everything needed except for a more aggressive starting paper and the clear coat


One thing I did not care for with this kit was that the Velcro on the foam pad fell off and I had to glue it again.

I will be interested to see how long the finish lasts
 #304947  by berg17
I've used the 3m product. It's pretty good. Not very hard to use. Make sure that you have a plug in drill. 2 batteries might not be enough juice for a cordless.