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Discussion about price incentives and costs.

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 #305413  by Bill Putney
I thought I'd start this thread for the wholesale closeouts Rock Auto emails periodically. These *could* go in the "Rock Auto Club Discount" thread ( ... &start=105), but this isn't exactly the same thing as the discount. But feel free to delete this thread and move the information into that thread if that's where it belongs.

The links to the current LH car parts closeouts: ... &html=true ... &html=true
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 #305693  by jim2891
I know when I read the items I thought about ordering the wheel bearing and hub assembly. As far as I know mine are fine but I didn't know if these were something that fails from time to time. I know on a previous car this did go bad as I remember hearing a sound whenever I would make a certain turn (going right I believe) and after this was replaced everything was fine. Would this be a fairly easy do-it-yourself job? If so I might just go ahead and do them as a preventative measure.
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 #305694  by 300maximilien
Jim at that price they would be worth adding to the parts shelf/bin, but to replace as preventative....nah.