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Maybe we should have called this the Zaino forum

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 #308621  by LUNAT1C
I saw a commercial recently for this new product from Meguiar's and took a quick look online.

According to that web listing it's a 4" DA polishing system that can be mounted to any ordinary household drill. The system converts the standard rotary drilling action (dangerous to any finish) to a dual-action (DA) similar to the Porter Cable DA polisher that is so loved.

Anyone have thoughts on it? IMO a 4" polisher would not be much easier/quicker than polishing the whole car by hand, but it might be useful on smaller items like sideview mirrors and rockers. The ones on my car are in desperate condition... at $60 on Autogeek I'm not convinced that it's worthwhile versus a Mother's PowerBall, but a PowerBall is still a rotary action tool, not DA like this system. Thoughts?
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 #308623  by Maximus
I don't think I like it.
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 #308626  by Gorm
At 60 bucks, your almost half way to a porter cable...
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 #308637  by FIREM
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Need more be said ???
Maybe after they sell a few???