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 #315838  by mister300m
My 99 300 has a misfire code po301 so I removed the coil and dropped my spark plug socket on the plug and tryed to remove the plug its like the hex part of the plug is missing as the socket just spins on the plug I changed 3 and 5 plugs with no issue.Anyone else ever ran into this problem?
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 #315841  by 300maximilien
Was the socket not seated properly? Look in the hole with a flashlight to see what's going on in there?
 #315847  by mister300m
When I put the socket on the plug I could not feel it engage on the hex head I did use my flash light to have a look see I couldn't see any hex head I dropped a magnet down in their didn't bring any broken pzrts out either,
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 #315854  by hrmwrm
try dropping down the socket first, then the extension into it. your socket is too short with the extension in it. the extension hits the tip of the plug before the socket engages the hex.
 #315862  by user97
I presume that you are using a spark plug socket -- try putting some dielectric grease on the rubber boot of the socket -- sometimes the plug has a hard time sliding into the boot.
 #315983  by mister300m
Well got my spark plugs changed their must have been some carbon build up around the. #1 plug after useing my pick and cleaned around the plug I was able to remove it. When I started the engine it made a terribile knocking type of noise after a few seconds it quieted down.