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Wanna Shave your Door Handles, customize emblems?

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 #334515  by chevyconvert
I'm going to have paint done in the next two weeks (the 21st) and was thinking of having the factory Special body kit painted black like the rest of the car. Also, I ordered a set of the black "spyder" headlights (not spyder per se, but i'm sure they are the same type). Does anyone have pics of a Special body kit painted black? Or a black M with the black spyders installed? Any opinions on either front? Thanks all. Will miss u in Carlisle, but will get there someday.
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 #334526  by FIREM
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 #334908  by chevyconvert
Thanks for the info Bob. Cancelled my spyders after reading all the bad comments about them. Gonna do the diy mod this weekend before it goes to paint next week. Thanks for the nice How To.