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Add a regional section to the forum?

 #337057  by Ekim401
Would you like to see a regional section on the forum?

If so, in geographical quadrants or major cities?
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 #337134  by beespecial
I need more information for what this forum will do to enhance the club.
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 #337143  by FIREM
Some on line forums I associate with do have "regional" sections for meets, gatherings and local events.
Not sure of the benefit to us as we draw world wide and all events are given tons of exposure.
Input will be looked at by the BOD if there is more discussion/information to support the process.
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 #337145  by LUNAT1C
The forums I am on or have been that have regional chapters (LX Forums, Grand Prix forums come to mind) generally have thousands of active forum users (paid or otherwise). The way they handle regional groups and subforums is different., for example, sets up additional domains, which costs money, whereas has subforums titled for the local clubs (Frozen North LX Club, for example)... Modern Mopar groups usually have their own domains or choose social media to create the group, where PAMMG (Pennsylvania Modern Mopar Group) has a domain and forum and DAMM (Detroit Area Modern Mopar) uses a Facebook group. AFAIK there isn't an all-encompassing Modern Mopar group. Each group is created only when there are enough active people to justify its creation. Usually dozens are required. When there aren't enough to create a new regional chapter, they're lumped into an existing neighboring chapter. Jersey Shore Club GP (JSCGP) had dozens of active members, however the admins of ClubGP lumped us all into the Mid-Atlantic Club GP chapter. We had (or have, I haven't been there since 2010) our own domain supported by paid members.

That said, if there is interest in creating subforums for regions, then it is something the BOD can discuss internally. My recommendation is to handle it the way I've seen ClubGP and LXForums handle it, on a case by case basis if there are enough interested people to support the creation of a regional forum for a particular region. Currently, I am not aware of any interest beyond this thread.
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 #337146  by FIREM
If it would in any way generate meets and events on the west coast we would be very interested.
Attempts to generate that have never materialized despite numerous attempts.
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 #337147  by InfernoRedM
Related to that ... let me ask this question regarding regional stuff. There is a large weekly car cruise in my area every summer Friday. Each week typically has a focus, and one week is Mopar. Anyone can still come, but their goal is to highlight Mopar that week. Anyway, I thought it might be fun to contact the folks in my area next Spring to see if there is any interest in having a mini meet & greet.

Anyway, if I wanted to try to organize something like that (or at least assess interest), how can I do that? How do I figure out who in the club is from Western Pennsylvania (eastern Ohio) to make sure I have reached everyone?

This could be an example of a benefit for a regional section (regional news?), but I can't think of another reason for it given the size of our club.
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 #337149  by M-Pressive

You can go to the membership listing here- ... hp?sortby=

You will need the current club login credentials which get sent with new memberships and renewals.

This will list all active members by state, country or any other number of ways. You can see who else is around you and invite them to the show. Any active member has access to this listing.
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 #337151  by InfernoRedM
Great! I knew about the list, but I didn't know if it could easily be sorted. If so, I should be fine.

Thanks Keith!
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 #337161  by M-Pressive
No problem!