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 #347052  by Null
I posted this in "WDYDTYCT" but figured it will get lost pretty fast. Im not sure if theres anyone out there thrifty (cheap) enough like me to try this but nevertheless i thought it deserved a separate thread.

After buying a sunshade at Canadian Tire and it being way too small and flopping down i decided to make my own. Cost 22.00 and it fits edge to edge. Its more than twice the thickness so it doesn't sag and it stays in place by itself without the need to use the visors. Last step is to sew black binding tape around the edge for a nice clean look. Rolls up nice and i just leave it in the back seat unless i have backseat passengers.

I used A2A Ayr Foil from resisto 4'x12' roll @ rona for $21.99 you can easily get 2 sunshades out of the roll. Canadian Tire sells sunshades with this exact material although they only have one layer of bubble inside so they are more flimsy vs Ayr Foil. Im sure there are tons of brands to choose from but thits is what i had access to. Double bubble reflective insulation is the preferred choice though. Also the foil isn't like tin foil its some sort of plastic with a reflective metal coating.

top Canadian Tire sunshade with binding tape bottom ayr foil no binding tape (yet)
Left Ayr Foil Right Canadian Tire sunshade (this sunshade didn't use bubble wrap inside it was just thin foil with thin fabric on the back
There is a bit of light peaking through on the sides but to make it easy to take out and put back in there needed to be some play. The binding tape should fill that gap a bit more.

completed sunshade after binding tape was sewn on.

It has reduced the temperature in my car drastically the dark tint i got also helped. Its super reflective and is blinding when you stare at the foil from the outside. I have 2 just in case

p.s No my Chrysler emblem isn't missing from the airbag cover its just the light from the back door being open :)
 #347072  by Null
Brought the sunshade into a shop today to get them to sew silver binding tape around the edge of the sunshade. Comes to $30 so the sunshade total cost is roughly 50. Hope someone out there attempts it i think its worth it.
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 #347074  by M-Pressive
I am going to make one after Carlisle. Cars sit way too much to not have something protecting the interior.
Thanks for the how to!
 #347077  by Null
SilverSpecial wrote:I am going to make one after Carlisle. Cars sit way too much to not have something protecting the interior.
Thanks for the how to!
No problemo. I used taped together see through paper to trace a template on the outside of the glass then used it to cut the sunshade
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 #347078  by LUNAT1C
Very nice work! I might do this for my Journey since my M sits in the garage when I'm not using it, while the Journey sits outside 24/7. My driveway has a lot of treecover for shade during the day, however the parking lot at work is totally exposed. This will come in handy. The twist-fold style sunshade that I have works well and tucks neatly inside of the in-seat storage, however it be annoying to put up and take down, and I think the bubble-foil style works better to lower interior temperatures and protect the dash from UV exposure.
 #347080  by Null
Thanks 8)

Its also great for privacy to protect your belongings because so little light is getting through now it makes the tinted windows really dark and hard to see through.

Mine gets sun the entire day with no shade at all and getting into my car was like an oven before tint and the sunshade. I priced out custom sunshades online but theres no telling what materials they use or if they will fit edge to edge. I definitely recommend the double bubble ayr foil version because it won't sag. Last idea would be to sew an elastic material loop on one corner so when you roll it up it stays rolled up.
 #347129  by Null
got my sunshade back from the shop today I think it looks really good.

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 #347131  by M-Pressive
Sure does!
 #347136  by Null
Can't wait to see yours and others who try it
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 #347138  by mabraham
Looks pretty good. I will consider making one as the M currently sits outside and I would like to protect it from the formidable dash crack (larger than the Grand Canyon) that my old M developed. Common sunshades don't fit right.
 #347142  by Null
the LH windows are pretty huge. i lucked out with no dash crack (so far) and the shade will definitely help. ... oil_An.pdf
The specs on ayr foil look pretty good for protecting against heat because of the bubble in between. Apparently "Two outer layers of reflective material reflect up to 97% of radiant heat. "
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 #347146  by paintballdude05
That looks better than I expected! Maybe I'll try making one myself.
 #347150  by Null
paintballdude05 wrote:That looks better than I expected! Maybe I'll try making one myself.
Pretty nice especially after the binding tape was put on there. Frankly it turned out better than i had hoped it would.