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  • Discussion about price incentives and costs.
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Discussion about price incentives and costs.

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 #352210  by M-Pressive
300maximilien wrote:Guess I should stop posting deals I find since they aren't good enough...
I placed a big order, different strokes for different folks I guess.

I priced all my stuff on eBay and this was still cheaper.
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 #352211  by LUNAT1C
I decided not to since nothing is needed, and none of the items I was interested in changed price. I'll buy them at local discount dealers if I need them. Placing a bigger order at TRS for winter projects.
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 #352215  by Sneke_Eyez
300maximilien wrote:I was just being sarcastic Keith..... But I am glad you were able to use the info to save some money!
I appreciate it, Craig - Keith's order had a few things in it for me. (We live close enough to save on shipping by buying together.)
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 #352231  by Sonicrob
Bought a new solenoid pack and transmission pressure lines from this site. It was a bit cheaper than ebay.
 #352257  by skinnyg
If I remember I can check some of the numbers Tuesday and see if they are true cost, I doubt it, but probably some good deals regardless
 #352260  by skinnyg
sonicrob wrote:Water Pump - 4792195AB The price was listed at $68.07 before 5pm EST today. It's passed 5pm now and the price has not changed....hmm...
That pn supercedes to a V9900085 which is a 'value line' part number, which is probably a Gates or something, the actual OE Mopar part is NLA, may as well buy local auto parts and get a lifetime warranty as well as the warranty can be handled alot easier