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Gotta Poll, post it here

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How well do you feel the club was managed by the BOD during the last 12 months.

Very Good
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Totally unsatisfactorily
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 #354875  by EasyRider300M
This poll will soon close. Thanks to all those members who voted. If you havent cast a vote yet, we would appreciate your doing so now. Thanks
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 #354919  by M-Pressive
slimpants wrote:.

I'm not sure how any of us not privy to the Board meetings could answer this question.
But, if you're asking whether this website is better or worse than previous years, I'd answer with an emphatic "Yes, indeed." It has more of a Community feel now that there's less contention in the "non-automotive" threads that added little, if any, benefit whatsoever.

It's unlikely I would have purchased a replacement 300M in 2006 were it not for this Club. $1 per month to get an answer to any question at all is an unbelievable bargain.

Thanks to everyone for all your continued efforts.

Hey Dave,

You can view all meeting minutes and summaries here. Just in case you or anyone else was interested in what happens during a meeting. ... documents/

This page also contains all budgets and financial documents for the club.

You must be an active member of the club to view this page.
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 #354920  by M-Pressive
Thanks to those that took a few minutes to vote and/or leave a comment.

The BOD for 2016 will strive to improve on the results of this poll.
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 #355002  by mnitetrain
M-Pressive wrote:
null26 wrote:admins can see votes... i voted Excellent just in case

jk. great job
Just going to throw it out there that admins can not see votes. Just in case someone sees this and takes it as truth.

Thanks to the people that voted for any of the options!
I read it on the internet, it has to be true LOL!!

Seriously the board, the members, everyone I've met through the club since my 1st M (over a million miles) made me search for another M which I picked up from another member. Without the dedication of the board and the members I probably would have been in a Jetta TDI LOL!

Keep up the great work.

Missed poll closing but put me down for excellent!!