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Do we need to change that Long Life Coolant anyway?

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 #357302  by EasyRider300M
my 2002 special manual says our system takes 8.0 qts including the reservoir. I've read on this site that some say it takes 9.4 qts. So which is correct. Is 1 gallon of full strength zerex g 05 enough for
the fill?

Also which thermostat has proven reliable for those who have changed it. Also, is an oem gasket from chryler preferred over the one that comes with the other brands of thermostats

I'll probably go with a gates water pump unless anyone advises against it and prefers another brand.
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 #357303  by paintballdude05
I like the Mopar thermostats, I've never had an issue with them. If you're set on going aftermarket, the Gates would be my choice. As far as gaskets go, I've pretty much always used Fel-Pro gaskets without any issues. I usually need a bit more than one gallon of concentrate when mixing 50/50.
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 #357305  by M-Pressive
I thought I remember an issue with aftermarket gaskets not being shaped the same.

I will see if I can find the thread later tonight when I get home from work.
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 #357306  by LUNAT1C
Aftermarket thermostats are fine, however it's best to use an OEM gasket, as the aftermarket gaskets that come with the t-stats aren't correct and no one at the aftermarket companies cares (they're aware).

When I did my engine work last summer I drained the cooling system and refilled with fresh coolant since it was a few years old anyway. I bought one full strength gallon, and it took a bit more than two gallons of 50/50. I had some additional 50/50 from when the car was rebuilt with a new radiator January 2011 and dumped that in.
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 #357307  by paintballdude05
What part of the gasket is incorrect?
 #357313  by JTROANOKE
Felpro gasket is fine,btw. No fit issues.
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 #357318  by paintballdude05
Yeah I've used FelPro gaskets close to a dozen times now without any issues. I'm going to be using one on Matt's engine so I'll be watching to see how it goes in.