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 #363689  by In-trepid
I was kind of having a random misfire about 6 months ago. I pulled the coil pack and it looked to be misfiring to ground and caused the bottom of the coil pack to look burnt. I just replaced it with a coil pack from a yard car. Fast forward to about a month ago. I started to notice a slight miss at idle and when up to speed at a constant rpm, but when I got on it a little bit there was no miss under acceleration. It wasn't throwing any codes and the average MPG stayed pretty rock solid. Over the last few days the problem became worse and it finally called out a misfire in #2 cylinder. I ordered a set of plugs from Rock Auto and got around to replacing them today. The coil pack on #2 looked to be shorting again and when I came to take out the plug, it was lose. Imagine my surprise when I got the the plug out and it was missing the ground electrode. I've never seen this before. I was a bit concerned about where the missing part might be so I scoped as best I could through the spark plug hole. Well...good news is that it isn't floating around in the cylinder or embedded into the top of the piston. Is it possible that it could have burned away?
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ImageHosted on Fotki

Also, I noticed that the #3 plug seemed to be dripping with oil and it doesn't look the greatest. I scoped that tube and there is oil at the bottom of the tube. Not quite sure where it came from unless it leaked around the bottom of the tube. Any ideas on what I should do, if anything. This is on my daily driver Intrepid, which I'll only have through the middle of next summer. I'll have two good Specials at that time and the Intrepid can move on to another deserving owner.
 #363695  by user97
Would replace the plugs and move on at this point
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 #363697  by In-trepid
user97 wrote:Would replace the plugs and move on at this point
Exactly what I did. I'm guessing that if the piece of the plug still exists, it's in the cat by now.