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 #364343  by StealthM
Anyone here ever think about doing a heat extractor on their M? From what is said here our M's run a little hot under the hood. Was thinking about fabing out a camaro ZL1 heat extractor and grafting it to my M's hood. The camaro extractor is 2.37 inches in depth . Anyone know how much space I have between the top of the intake and the hood? Iam running H&R springs with the engine/tranny shims. Thanks
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 #364364  by FIREM
Space from Hood to Plenum with lowering springs & Mount Shims = 0, Bet your plenum badge is touching the hood pad.
Keith's car has a custom hood scoop intended as a heat extractor. Designed and built by a now departed member
Another scoop option
If you decide to do a scoop, start with the most perfect hood you can find. As these cars age rust under the front and rear folded lip shows it's ugly head
 #364428  by StealthM
Yeah Bob it looks really tight under their. The other scoops are cool but not the look iam looking for. Might try to find a junker hood to experiment with. True about the rust have a little cancer starting in the front above the grill.