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Wanna put on some cool treads?

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 #364952  by TheLastRebel10
Has anyone ever stripped special wheels down to bare alloy and polished them? What method would you use for removing the paint?
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 #364954  by beespecial
Aircraft Remover. This is a paint finish remover that is good for tough jobs. I'd start with this if I was going to attempt it.
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 #364956  by FIREM
Couple of Youtube videos on the subject with various results.
Eastwood makes a potent stripper for powder coating ... ipper.html
FWIW there have been a few rare Chrome 18" Special wheels out there..... Rare but may find some....
Patrick/ BossSlate has a set
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 #364970  by TrueBlue
Chrome 18s?! I don't believe I've ever seen such a beast!
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 #364971  by M-Pressive
I had chrome special wheels on my original silver special back in 2003.

Loved the look.
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 #364983  by skinnyg
If its like the wheels on my Concorde (and 90% of newer cars) then its a plastic cap glued onto an aluminum wheel, if thats the case you are going to have a hard time chipping all that plastic off
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 #364989  by LUNAT1C
Special wheels are painted. You can strip the paint or have it media blasted, then go to town polishing. No idea what the result would be though.