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 #365537  by M-Pressive
Hey everyone,

The website bridge has been completed and we have started using our brand new custom built membership system. This is extremely exciting news and a huge step forward for the club.

We wanted to highlight the major changes here so everyone knew how it affected their membership with the club.

The list below highlights the major changes and improvements! Please let me know if you have any questions!

1. As soon as you complete your membership request and make your payment, you'll instantly have access to all information on the forum. Access is no longer a manual process so you won't miss out on anything.
2. By having the same login credentials in both systems (club forum and club website), all confusion is now eliminated regarding how to access each system and you can get on when you need to with no delay.
3. Your membership will now expire one year from the exact date that you joined or renew. It is no longer manually pushed to the end of the month in which you joined/renewed. For example, if you joined/renewed on January 12, 2017, you will expire on January 12, 2018.
4. You will receive an automated email reminder that you will expire 7 days before the expiration date.
5. There is a new auto renewal payment in place through PayPal which will ensure your membership continues. This may be canceled at any time. You will receive an reminder 7 days before your membership will expire/the auto payment is processed.
6. As soon as your membership expires, you will immediately lose access to members only information now that the system automatically controls memberships. Be sure to use the auto renewal feature to avoid getting shut out of the system.
7. Members may now update their personal or car information directly instead of having to request an administrator's assistance to do this.
8. The Board of Directors will now have more time to focus on all other aspects of the club and its operation instead of processing and tracking memberships manually.

This new process was crucial to the longevity of the club and something I am very excited to have in place.

Thanks to all that helped along the way!
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