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Wanna put on some cool treads?

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 #364608  by Vackler
Hey all

Time to switch up my wheels. Going for something different, specifically steel truck wheels, the 8 hole type. Black Rock has postive offset spec'd wheels that I'm 90% sure will fit based on my math between the new wheels and factory specs. I also found a nifty little website that does conversions for you as well that echoed my findings.

Going to 17x8 with a +25 offset (factory 17x7 +43 offset). Keeping the same tires I have now, 225/55r17.

Am I looking to rub much going this route?
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 #364613  by Vackler
Thanks for that link. I played around on another one much like that and came up with this
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 #364615  by snstr_auto
I have been debating dropping down to a set of 17 inch wheels lately.
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 #364624  by Vackler
It is a reasonable size. I'm sticking to 17s because I don't want to buy new tires (mine are still quite new).
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 #364775  by Sneke_Eyez
In general people have had ok luck with 8'' wheels on LHs with the correct size tires.

I have 20x9 Magnum SRT8 wheels on my Intrepid and 20x8 300S wheels on my Special with upsized tires and they rub.

With the stock sized tires and just an 8'' wheel, I'd be willing to bet you won't have any issues - I'd just check carefully to make sure you can run a 225/55/17 on an 8'' wide rim (I don't have any idea).
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 #366562  by Vackler


Finally, after being on back order, four of these bad rabbits showed up! It's just a sneak peak as I am still laid up recovering from a surgery, but they're here!
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