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 #370322  by hrmwrm
and they ARE all related. first thing after a massacre is thoughts and PRAYERS. and god be with you. sounds a little ridiculous after a while.
so, what did you want? a different thread about mass shootings? just thought gun thread was the closest thing, since there is debate in it.
then somebody might see what comes of their new blast bambi to hamburger. :roll:

but, sorry. just saw that and thought what kind of a place is the states when you need to armour your child to go to school. :eek
you people terrorize your self more. just the threat of terrorists is enough to watch the over reaction. you have more dying from internal strife than external.
but i'll refrain from further posting, since this has been a dead thread of late.
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 #372751  by slimpants

The kids finally said: "This is BULLSCHIT" and took it to the streets. Good for them.

"Hey, dad. Have you ever had to hide in a closet for two hours at the office?? Your generation is utterly incompetent and we have a complete moron president. So, WE'RE gonna have to take it from here. See ya."

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 #383507  by hrmwrm
upside to covid lockdown.
first time since 2002 there were no school shootings in march.
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