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 #371207  by Tim_ettinger
Bosch Platinum +4:4428 (Discontinued)
Bosch Platinum IR Fusion +4: 4508 (Discontinued)
Pulstar: BE1H 10

I'm leaving this as a note because both are discontinued with no replacement.

I tried the champions, the ngk's, the platinum +2. The very best plug for me is the 4428.

Please, post the manufacturer and P/N of your tested best, especially if it is discontinued. I will edit the part number and production status into this post.
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 #371262  by hrmwrm
Pulstar BE1H 10.

i get good mileage. don't know if it's necessarily the plugs. runs like a top, and good acceleration. did have some bosch 4's in it. if i don't push over 110kmh, i usually get around 30+ or so mpg. (imperial gallon. 5/4 of an american)
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 #371267  by Tim_ettinger
Is the pulstar still in production?