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Gotta Poll, post it here

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Please choose the entrant whose signature you feel is worthy of the title "Best Sig"

First Lady
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 #372108  by EasyRider300M
A signature which a member can create in the control panel of our forums will show up at the bottom of all his posts. A sig can display a member's car, awards, personality, etc.

If you don't presently have a sig, maybe this contest will inspire you to create one.

Nine members' sigs were nominated. Three of these have made it to the finals.
Please vote for member who you feel has a sig worthy of the title "Best Sig."

This is a static change of vote is allowed.

This poll will run till Saturday March 17th at 1:56 am. EDT

NO posting in this topic please.
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 #372116  by First Lady
Many thanks for the nomination!! I think my signature and forum avatar are special because long before I owned the M pictured, I became hooked on this family! My feet on The Bricks is a memory I hold very near to my heart!!
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 #372173  by M-Pressive
Thanks for the nomination!

My signature really depicts two things. My love of my car and my love for the club.

My car has come a long way since it was purchased in 2012. I continue to find ways to make it better and different each year.

My love for the club is what continues to drive me to contribute on the BOD and find ways to keep the club moving forward and relevant. This is my 7th year as club President and I still have that strong desire to help give back to the club.

I have been a huge fan of the smoothed plenum that was color matched to the car so I made it my avatar. Will need to switch it up soon since the car is going to change soon as well.
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 #372216  by remi
Funny contest! Thank you for this nomination :)

This signature means a lot to me. It lists the three LH cars I have own since the beginning. The MPG icon is live, refreshed every time I post a new tank refill on Spritmonitor. The M pictured is the PHP I bought after crashing the black one at the end of 2013. I can't remember where I took this picture, even tho I know it was during a work "trip"... Anyway time has passed and she she has now evolved a bit ;)