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Wanna put on some cool treads?

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 #384073  by Anglim213
I am thinking about getting a set of 18x10 wheels for my 300m on the super cheap from my work. They are band new just been sitting in the back. But I am wondering if that is too wide for my m. If they are not what size should I put on them.
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 #384079  by LUNAT1C
Anything can be done, but in general folks have needed to roll their quarter panels to fit genuine SRT wheels (20x9 with a low offset). 18x10 is probably too wide. 20x9 SRT wheels tend to be very close to the spring perches as it is.
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 #384082  by In-trepid
Other than the obvious problems mentioned, you have to make sure that the tire itsef is wide enough for the rim. A 10 inch rim probably wants a 300mm tire in order to seal properly. I haven't dabbled with that for years now, but when I was in high school and we were looking to run the widest tires possible, I know some people bought rims that were so wide that the tires didn't fit properly and they were hard to get the bead to pop into place. More often though people would want to run a wide tire on a narrow rim, which also caused a problem.
 #384134  by Anglim213
Thanks for the help guys. The 10 Inch turned out to be too wide. So not feeling comfortable with putting spacers on the car I was able to find some 18x8 wheels. Will post pics when mounted.
 #384154  by Anglim213
Decided to go with these. I thing they go very well with the car. Gives her the good ol razzle dazzle.
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 #384156  by M-Pressive
Nice! They look good.
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 #384158  by First Lady
I like it a lot!! Nice choice!!
 #384160  by dcsally97
Always a fan of some nice wheels! Great choice.
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 #384169  by In-trepid
Good choice!
 #384170  by StealthM
Love them. Looks awesome...