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  • Power steering hose leaking...any advice

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Discussions on suspension & steering repairs or upgrades.

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 #385399  by Burn59
Hi all, it looks like my power steering hose on the driver's side rail is leaking?
Looks like a hard job, remove cowl and wipers, might have to lift the rack not sure?
the hose looks to be under the ABS, going to have to take it someplace for sure...
How many hoses and is there a feed modulator???
Someone told me there is an assembly hose kit which makes it easier and probably less expensive...
Hoping to find a shop that will work with me, I know a lot of places will use only there parts...
I'm in the Milwaukee area southside an info or tips/advice is greatly appreciated...
2002 300m 3.5HO 151000....TIA
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 #385403  by M-Pressive
It is a project I have not tackled but have heard it is a real pain.

Someone who has done it should jump on soon.
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 #385404  by Burn59
That is what I'm finding so far, unfortunately I'm unable to work on her myself due to health issues... (So frustrating)
I'm trying to find someone near me with some experience, I'm near Milwaukee (Southside)
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 #385407  by FIREM
Have not had to do this job (yet) but "Search" found this :
Hope it helps
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 #385411  by hrmwrm
i did it 6 years ago on my lhs. lift the coolant bottle. bunch of little brackets. turn the wheel all the way right andremove the rubber cap on the steering rack.
lines can be twisted and fed under the rack without loosening i'm quite sure, but wouldn't place a bet on it.
and yes, remove the cowl to get access. probably most of a day playing in a driveway.
person who's done it once, about 4 hours.
don't know what happened to mine, but on extreme cold days, it howls like it's low til it warms. been that way since i changed it.
runs perfect otherwise.
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