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 #385941  by EasyRider300M
My left rear strut bottom is extremely close to resting on the tire. And the body of the strut is almost brushing against inner sidewall of the tire.
Can someone look at their rear struts and let me know how close these two areas of the rear struts are to the tire. Exact measurement not needed just an approximation (such as finger width) My rear struts are only 3 yrs old with 5000 miles on them so it’s aggravating to need to replace them so soon.
 #385945  by StealthM
I can just squeeze in a pinkey between the top of the tire and the bottom of the spring perch. That distance should never change. Regardless of the condition or age of the strut. Unless the spring perch rotted away and separates from the gas tube like on my first gen Intrepid. If that's happen the perch will be touching the top of the tire... Ouch. And by the way I am running H&R springs not stock. Good luck hope this helps.
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 #385947  by EasyRider300M
Thanks for responding.
Mine was about 1/8 inch from touching top of tire. Also side of strut was very close to touching the inner sidewall. I ordered two new struts (under warranty). The brand was FCS. It's a brand sold on Rockauto site. The struts only had 5000 miles or so and were installed 3 years ago. I only drive the car about 1000 miles per year now. I will check out the struts once removed for any rotting. at the top mount.