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 #387661  by 300mdriving Ferret
im new here I have a 1999 Chrysler 300m with bad gas fumes coming from fuel rail area. i cant do anything till payday . I am going to a friends house tomorrow he is going to check the fuel pressure. can I bypass the pressure regulator in the rail? I cant afford a new one that is if i can even still get one. Is it possible its just a bad o ring on an injector and i can just replace the o rings?. as for not driving the car anymore that is no option this has been going on a while. i am a single house hold and need to work to pay bills or i will be living in the car. can some body help. if it Turns out to be the fuel rail does any one here have one that is good? Thanks for the help
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 #387662  by FIREM
Regulator is in the fuel tank not at the rail. Our system is a 1 line non return set up.
Common leak is the plastic line that supplies the rail at the rear, under the throttle body