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Speed Sensors and ATF+4 and the like

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 #387683  by archerlane
Just broke 120k miles, driving 75 miles (55-60mph ) per day round trip to work (5 days) with an additional less than 30 miles on the weekend.

Received check engine light on my way home while driving at 55mph. Car was running fine.
As I rolled to a stop for a traffic light, received a hard down shift.
Start up from that point was in limp mode.
Pulled off at next intersection side road, shut car off followed by a restart.
Drove car and it shifted properly. Proceeded to my home destination approximately 10 miles, stop and go driving less that 45 mph.
Got home, scanned for trouble codes and found the codes listed above.
Checked tranny oil level and color, full and pink, no sign of oxidation or particulate.

Drove car for about 5 miles following trouble shooting, no issues.

Solenoid pack was replaced in 2013 with 65k. Per the shop tech, the sol pack failure was a known issue. I do not believe the valve body was replaced as suggested in the trouble code forum responses. New filter and oil change.

I cleared the trouble codes and will be test/troubleshooting driving today.
I am hoping the problem comes back during this test drive. If the problem does not come back, my concern is that it will manifest itself at an unconvenient time in the future.
As is the case for the rest of club members, I like the car (only driven in Hawaii and California). It has treated me well with no major issues other than the sol pack replacement in the past.
Any thoughts/advice from the members would be greatly appreciated.
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 #387692  by LUNAT1C
700 is a generic transmission code. You'll need a deeper scan to find the underlying transaxle code. Parts stores should be able assist.