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Talk about changing your own brakes

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 #387705  by telenova
Hello, here in Germany we have to go to a general inspection with the car every two years, during which the technical condition and other things are checked.

I had different values on the rear brake, with a deviation of greater than 25%, which is not allowed.
I wanted to find out whether the main brake cylinder was the cause and for this I separated the two brake lines from the main brake cylinder to abs block and swapped them with each other. Then I bleed again with 1.5 bar pressure and rotating wheels with engine and ABS running. The braking values are now perfectly even on the axles.

My question about it:
If I leave it that way, i.e. swapped the primary and secondary input line on the ABS block, will I get any disadvantages in terms of brake technology or should I swap them back to original better?

The 4 lines from abs block to the brakes itself I have NOT swapped.