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 #388755  by M-Pressive
Started getting M-Pressive ready for some shows down this way.

Lindsey started adding a new lighting kit to the engine bay!

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 #388757  by M-Pressive
Started swapping in the new dark suede pillars. They match the headliner and the car blends a lot better inside.

One side is just about done, need to do the driver side this coming weekend!

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 #388758  by M-Pressive
All was going well till we saw some green liquid on the upper radiator hose.

Pulled out the blue light and was greeted with this:

ImageHosted on Fotki

ImageHosted on Fotki

ImageHosted on Fotki

Talked to Bob and the front seal on the compressor failed. Ordered one from Rock Auto tonight.

Just keep adding things to the list.....
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 #388759  by M-Pressive
Bumper is off and the headlights are out. New lenses going on those when we get a chance.

The first show is August 21st so we have a lot to do in the next three weeks.
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 #388765  by LUNAT1C
If it ain't one thing it's another! But progress is progress. You must be enjoying the increased garage space!
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 #388775  by Sneke_Eyez
Oof, man, that stinks the front compressor seal went.
Good luck, that's a job I have not done.

Everything else looks like a good time though - I like the chrome door strikers - interested to see how they hold up!
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 #388788  by M-Pressive
New compressor arrived today.

Taking tomorrow off to crank through the list of stuff that needs to be done.
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 #388793  by First Lady
Keith took yesterday off from work and spent much of the day working on M-Pressive. There was an impressive UV volcano eruption I hear…and saw the remnants of. I joined him mid afternoon to help clean up and finish the install of the new engine bay kit. We fixed a dislodged purge, attached the new compressor, and the chrome hinges in the trunk.

Today I rewired the gauge pod and installed it (good luck to the poor sap that ever has to get it out…oh wait, it’ll probably be me!!), finished out the new suede pillars, hooked up the new water box in the trunk (way cooler now!!!!), Keith tested the air ride to ensure there aren’t any leaks, we reinstalled the trunk setup, and discovered a new oil leak in the valve cover.

Tomorrow we need to start with the black car as we think there’s an issue with the new brake pads- sounds like a pad came lose. And test the trunk tv. We will also reopen up the engine bay to fix the valve cover leak. If time allows tackle the back center console too.

Goal is a small local show at a great BBQ place near our house!! Can’t wait to debut it to a new crowd!!!!
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 #388799  by First Lady
Third day in a row spent in the garage in the books!

Black car evaluated and unsure of diagnosis. Might be the axle. TBD. Also did plenum brackets for it.

M-Pressive had the valve covers tightened to see if that’s what the issue is. This also TBD. However, we did get a set of headlight lenses swapped along with a set for my car. Started some tab repair as well. An annual oil change and swapped out red wire loom that’s under the car. We aimed the fog light bulbs, something that drove Keith crazy!!

A few smaller things too for me… plenum brackets, led license plate bulb, and oil change for me.
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 #388843  by First Lady
Was a great weekend for the showcar as we get it ready for it's SC debut next Saturday!

Modified the rear console in hopes for getting closer to the final setup for the waterfall and reinstalled everything, including the nitrous bottle. Fixed the dash tablet holder, painted, and reinstalled. Put air in the tires, calibrated the air ride, new LED license plate bulb, and a vacuum!

Brought it down from the top garage spot and tested the end of the driveway before the rain started. Worked easy with no bumper...time will tell how easy it is - we'll know Saturday!!

Once back in the garage we reinstalled the front bumper and insured the lights worked!

A few final things this week to take care of...take it for a tank of gas, wash, clean and condition the seats, and test all AV.

Looking forward to taking it to a show next Saturday at a local BBQ place!! Shall be interesting!!
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 #388848  by First Lady
It looks so squat in that last picture!! Almost like it's distorted but it's really just that low!!!
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 #388869  by sparky99
Glad you guys got it back together! It looks great.
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 #388872  by Sneke_Eyez
Glad you guys got it ready for its SC debut! Good luck!
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 #388889  by M-Pressive
Washed, vacuumed, leather treated, all systems checked.

Car is ready for the show tomorrow.
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 #388894  by First Lady
We made it!!
Car looked awesome, people were interested!
Food was delicious!
And car show was successful!
Best Interior
Ledyard’s Choice (that’s the BBQ place)
Best of Show Open Winner